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  • Team building events Team Building
    We have been creating fun team building events for our clients since 1994.

    Take a look at all of our different activities we can offer for your event.
  • Family fun days are really popular summer events Family fun days
    Family fun days are great fun events which are very popular in the summer for corporate fun days or chairty fun days.

    Take a look at all of the elements we can offer.
  • Theme nights Theme Nights
    We have put together some great theme night packages as well as tailored packages for your themed event.
  • Corporate Events Corporate events
    From Conferences to event management we cna help with all of your corporate event needs.
  • It's a knockout
    It's a knockout is one of our most fun and popular fun summer events.

    Based on the hugely popular BBC TV show you'll take part in a range of fun games to see which team will be declared thechampions.
  • Outdoor Activities Outdoor activities
    We offer a wide range of outdoor activities from Motorised and shooting activities to team building and family fun days.
  • Indoor Activities Indoor activities
    We offer a range of Indoor activities for when the weather isn't as good and for any client who prefer to be indoors. Check out our range.
  • Fun Casino Nights Fun casino nights
    Fun Casino nights are your chance to try your hand at some of the most popular Casino tables without risking your own hard earned money.
  • Evening Activities Evening activities
    We have a range of Evening activities from Race nights and Casino nights to Themed parties and Pub Olympics.

Team Building Activities & Corporate Events from Demon Wheelers

Creating & delivering fantastic corporate events, team building & themed nights since 1994

Whether you’re looking for team building and entertainment for a small group of employees or thousands of staff, friends and family, you can count on Demon Wheelers to deliver a top class event that will be impossible to forget.

With more than 20 years’ experience, Demon Wheelers has an unrivalled reputation for organising team building and corporate events with a difference. From ice breakers to full day events and themed evening parties, we offer a huge variety of activities that can be tailored to suit the unique requirements of your organisation. What’s more, we own 99% of our equipment so you can be assured of the very best service and value for money.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced event managers.

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Team Building

Demon Wheelers have been working as a team building company running Team building days for over 15 years, since 1994 and are one of the most respected organisations within the UK for our wide range of effective team building activities and Team building games.

We work with our clients to help make sure the Corporate team building event they choose is the right event to help them meet their objectives and goals as a company. We understand every event is different and as such we treat all our clients as individuals and don't just offer a cookie cutter service and the exact same event for each client. If you need some help and don't know what to choose our page dedicated to helping you find the right event for your company may help.

Family Fun Days

One of our most popular events are our Family Fun Days and this is an excellent way for you to reward your staff for their hard work over the last year and bring everyone together in a relaxed family environment. These company fun day events are a relaxed form of team building and can be organised for just a few hundred people up to 10,000 people. Every family fun day is different and we absolutely love the variety they provide.

Because we can also offer a great range of motorised activities we really can offer something fun for all the family. We have a range of Quads which are suitable for all ages and are a great addition to any family fun day. Of course if you are looking for something a little more competitive you could add an It’s a Knockout competition to your family fun day.

Thanks to our comprehensive network of venues around Britain, we can help to organise a day of events that suits both your requirements and your budget and can make sure you have a completely suitable venue with our Venue finding service

Over the years we have built up a variety of event types which we run on a regular basis. The benefit of this for us is we can supply just about any event for any occasion. Over the years we have also built up our equipment and kit and we now own 99% of everything we advertise on this website. This allows us to offer you fantastic value for money on all of our events without adding in a third party fee. We have built a huge database of venues throughout the UK and we offer a free venue finding service for all of our events. The best way to know which is the best event for you is to call us on 0114 270 0330 or fill in our contact us form and someone will call you back. Demon Wheelers are more than a corporate events company and more than just a team building company.


Call us now on 0114 270 0330
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Innovating events and new ideas for nearly 20 years

Giant Sumo from a Battle of Olympus Olympic themed team building event

We were one of the first companies in the UK to turn the popular tv show, the Crystal Collection in to a fun filled event. We were also the first company to have a full sized Crystal dome which can fit a whole team inside rather than the far more common one or 2 team members. Our Crystal dome is unique to Demon Wheelers and was designed by our Managing director. We utilise the most common team dynamics and development theories such as Belbin to make sure your company gets the most it can out of it's team building day. Read all our blog articles.

Fun for everyone

A Ball pool on a family fun day from Demon WheelersWhether you are looking for a fun outdoor event that gets everyone active, sweaty and working together physically, a family fun day or you would like an indoor themed night that requires a sharp wit, some quick thinking and maybe a bit of deviousness to survive, we can help out. Currently, our diverse events repertoire consists of a diverse number of games from simple karaoke competitions to go-kart racing and inflatable assault courses.

Car enthusiasts get a number of motorised choices, while those looking for something different can fire off a few rounds at any of our shooting events. We also host a range of fun, inflatable activities, plus a number of unique indoor parties. Regardless of your final choice, we guarantee that you will be pleased with the final product.

Some of our really popular events include the Crystal Collection team building event, Family fun days, It's a knockout, The Krypton factor challenge, School sports day event, Fun Casino Nights, a range of themed parties packages and our fantastic range of motorised activities. We also run a range of activities for scout campsand have a specialist website dedicated to our Scout camp activities.

Exciting outdoor events

A Chariot on a Crystal Collection team building event from Demon WheelersWhether you are looking for a fun outdoor event that gets everyone active, sweaty and working together physically, a family fun day or maybe you would like an indoor themed night that requires a sharp wit, some quick thinking and maybe a bit of deviousness to survive, we can help out. Currently, our events repertoire consists of a diverse number of games from simple. Demon Wheelers started out in 1994 as a small company specialising in driving activities. Since then, we have branched out into over 100 different types of events, and can arrange one for you for a variety of purposes from business conferences to family fun days to hen’s or stag’s parties.

It doesn't matter if you have a small group of friends or are in charge of a major corporation employing 10,000 staff, we have the experience and the knowledge to back you up and provide you with some of the best outdoor, office team building days that you have ever seen. Our team is creative, friendly and very motivational and will ensure that everyone involved has the time of their lives, and can develop themselves in the process as well! We are awaiting your call or email and are looking forward to showing you the very best that you can be. Find out more about our range of Full days & half days.

Indoor events, evening events and theme nights

One thing you can never guarantee in the UK is the weather being good. Which is why we offer a great range of fun and entertaining indoor team building activities.

As well as a range of events specifically designed to be run indoors such as our Masterpiece challenge we also have indoor versions of some of our most popular outdoor events too such as The Krypton factor challenge and The Crystal Collection.

A Las Vegas sign prop from a Themed Evening made by Demon WheelersWe also offer a wide range of evening based activities including a great range of theme nights on our dedicated themed evenings website.

As well as theme nights we also offer Pub Olympics which are very popular and are great fun. We also offer Casino nights, Race nights, Disco's, Murder Mystery nights and quiz nights.

We can also help you arrange your Christmas party and make it truly a night to remember.

It's a knockout

Slippery slope on an It's a knockout from Demon WheelersIt’s a knockout is a fantastic fun event which has been one of our most popular for many years.  Most of us over a certain age will remember laughing gleefully at It’s a knockout on TV and everyone else will have at least seen Total Wipeout or Takeshi’s castle which owe their existence to It’s a knockout.

It’s a knockout is often used as a charity event where companies pay to enter teams by raising sponsorship and then compete in the It’s a knockout charity event. It’s a knockout events are often also included in Family fun days or Staff fun days as a bit of competition alongside the relaxed fun of the day. Whatever you are hoping to get from your It’s a knockout we have been running them for many years and we can make sure you have a brilliant day. Find out more about It's a knockout from Demon Wheelers.

An unbeatable range of motorised activities

A Rage buggy from Demon wheelersWe started byspecialising in motorised activities and since then we have grown our range of motorised activities to be one of the largest in the country. Because we own and operate all our own all of our own kit we can offer unbeatable value for money.  We travel all over the UK running and organising motorised activities.

Our most popular activities include Rage buggies, Quads, Powerturns, Hovercrafts, Micro quads, Argocats and  4x4 driving among others. Visit our Motorised Activities page for more details.

Corporate Events, Corporate days or Corporate Team Building

Corporate events and entertainment days feom Demon WheelersWhatever it is called Corporate Team Building, Corporate days or Corporate events, rewarding your team or clients is proving to be very popular in the current climate. In times when times are hard improving the morale of your team or company is vital and showing you’re your clients you value them has never been more important. This is because its much more cost effective to keep an existing client than constantly need to find new ones. 

Corporate events can take a number of differnet shapes and we understand every companies needs are different. Some companies will be looking primarily for a morale boosting corporate team building day and we have a fantastic range of events suitable for every venue and group size. We also offer a great range of fun activities such as Pub olympics, It's a knockout and family fun days. We also make and supply 95% of our own props for some of our fantastic theme nights and themed evenings. Also don't forget it's never too early to begin to arrange your Corporate Christmas party.

It really doesn't matter what your requirements are, we've been runnign and organising Corporate events and corporate days for nearly 20 years and because we own 95% of our own kit we can offer you unbeatable value for money. Find out more about our Corporate entertainment days.

Competitive prices, great results, It's the Demon Wheelers way

Because we supply our own equipment, and will not have to rely on third-party companies, we can give you a very accurate quote on how much your corporate day will cost you. We personally double check each item to make sure that it is in good working order before we bring it out to use in any corporate activities, corporate event, exercises, games, days and ideas that we have planned. As well as this, our team leaders enjoy their work tremendously and will ensure that your group has a fantastic time for the entire day.

We started Demon Wheelers as a family run business and have continued working under the same customer-friendly attitude ever since. You will not find another team building company for group management and character development within the UK like us. While more information about our services can be found on our site, if you would prefer, you can contact us via phone, fax or email or even our live chat facility for a friendlier, more personal approach. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and help to arrange a corporate event or family fun day that everyone will thoroughly enjoy. You can trust in us to get the job done right. Find out more about us or contact us now.