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Isabelle Evans

IsabelleHello, My names Isabelle I am a student at Sheffield Hallam University just finishing my second year. I study event management and I am really enjoying the course. I’m from a small village in Oxfordshire and love living in Sheffield however; I do miss the countryside. I am still trying to discover what it is I want to do when I graduate but, for now all I can hope is that I will become successful and happy in whichever path I decide to choose.  

Job Title?
Event Instructor

When did you join Demon Wheelers?
I have been working for Demon Wheelers part time for almost a year now and I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the job.

How did you come to work at Demon Wheelers?
I noticed that DW advertised on my university website aimed at events students and was instantly drawn to it. I was attracted to all the areas that the advertisement mentioned and at the time couldn’t think of a better job to help me open my eyes to the event sector. Through the year DW has helped me open my eyes to a variety of different events that even my course hasn’t taught me so I know I applied for the right job.

What is your favourite event?
My favourite event is; “It’s a Knockout” I really don’t stop laughing throughout the event and enjoy getting to know the clients I find it extremely entertaining when the “Giants” activity gets played.  It’s especially fun when the sun is shining and everyone is in a good mood to join in as much as possible.  

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
In my spare time I love meeting up with my friends and chilling out. Whenever the sun is out you will most likely find me in a pub garden.

What is your favourite film?
My favourite film is “Knocked up” I find it the funniest film of all time and when it’s on TV (which is almost monthly) I will be watching it.

Favourite drink?
Give me a Mojito any day of the week and I’ll be very happy

Favourite food?
My favourite meal will always be a steak and as I’m a true southerner it has to be cooked rare!  

First CD/Album you ever bought?
(try not to laugh) Steps gold album and somehow I still know all the lyrics…

If you could meet one famous person either alive or dead who would it be and why?

Karl Pilkington, I find him such a comical man and every word he says makes me laugh I would absolutely love to meet him.  

Favourite place you have visited?
My favourite place is where I go on holiday every year which is a small village in the Costa Brava, Spain called Tamariu.
I was reminded of Spain when we worked on a Crystal Collection team building event down in Brighton when we worked at Brighton Racecourse. This was one of the coldest events I have worked at, as there was at least 4 inches of snow however; this was such a beautiful setting with such a lovely view of the sea and cliffs. I wanted to be straight back in Spain by the beach, luckily though Alex my event manager allowed me to work inside with the clients on Ship maths where I could enjoy the view with the heating on!

What is your best memory of working at Demon Wheelers?
I have many memories of working at Demon wheelers and it has only been a year so I can’t imagine how many more there are to come.  I can’t say it’s my best memory but it has to be mentioned; my first shift working on a family fun day I was working on a stand next to the coconut shy and somehow during the day the company manager that had organised us to entertain his company for him managed to throw the coconut ball onto a coconut, it bounced back and hit me in the face. It really hurt and I was so embarrassed but I laughed it off anyway and had a black lip for a couple of days after. 

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