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Mark Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson - Event InstructorJob Title?
Event instructor

When did you join Demon Wheelers?
Joined DW back in the summer of 2011. Me and the guys from school we had a band and we tried real hard. Jimmy quit Jodie got married. Was the summer of 2011

How did you come to work at Demon Wheelers?
Back when I was a wee lad I went to school with Josh who is Paul’s son. Whenever I came back to Sheffield from university I would get on the phone to Josh and DW would more than happily oblige to find some work for me.

What is your favourite event?
Rage Buggies

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Like any lad I enjoy a good night out with the boys from DW. Also play a lot of golf and occasional bit of football when we can get the numbers together. At the moment I’m spending the majority of my time in the gym.

What is your favourite film?
Get Rich or Die Trying. (Is there anything better?)

Favourite drink?

Favourite food?
Chicken Fajitas

First CD/Album you ever bought?
Kanye West-College Drop out

If you could meet one famous person either alive or dead who would it be and why?
50 Cent – Most probably the greatest man ever to grace this planet. Big fan of his music and any film he’s been in. The man is a legend!!

Favourite place you have visite
Favourite place will have to be Spring Break in Miami.
Work related – Anywhere down south is a good laugh.

What is your best memory of working at Demon Wheelers?
My favourite shift without a shadow of a doubt is a casino night me, Nathan and Gary did down south. Showgirls and quick changes. What more do you need.

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