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High Ropes Course

high ropes course

Demon Wheelers have a number of different venues throughout the country with high and low ropes courses and we are one of the few suppliers in the country who also can supply a mobile high ropes course.

High ropes are an excellent way of team building, increasing team communication, bonding and trust. Our instructors will provide various tasks that will teach the group to assess and solve problems, learn to take and overcome risks and to support and encourage each other to reach their maximum potential.

High ropes courses involve a number of different challenges that are a mixture of balance beams, cable crossings and climbing structures.   

All high ropes participants will have a safety helmet and a safety harness which will be attached to a belay rope. So if someone should fall or want to get down then they will be able to be lowered down at a controlled and safe speed. High ropes works well as part of a Corporate event or as part of a team building event.

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