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Paintball Shooting

paintball shootingPaintball and Paintball games are a popular shooting activity and can be used as part of a team building event or just as a fun activity to participate in. Either way it is an event that everybody will enjoy.

Paintball is probably best known for stag parties or for a group of men chasing each other with paintball guns. However organised the correct way paintballing can be a fun event used to encourage team communication, team bonding and team building.

There are plenty of different games to play which will pit different teams against each other. The most popular game is probably capture the flag where teams have to make their way into their opponent’s base to capture their flag, which is being guarded by the opposing team, and then try to get back to their own base. This game gives teams time to decide on what tactics they want to use and can be used as a leadership exercise to encourage other team members to delegate and take part in decision making.

Demon Wheelers have a number of paintball centres throughout the country we can use and are able to tailor our packages to suit your requirements. Another alternative to paintball which is less painful is Laser tag.


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