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Country Pursuits

Quads from a Country pursuits dayDemon Wheelers have a wide range of country pursuits that we are able to run as activities to keep you occupied for a full day. These activities are such things as you would find on a fun day at a country fair and come with instructors full of enthusiasm to help you achieve maximum success while having an enjoyable day.

A Country pursuits multi activity day is a fantastic choice for a Corporate event or team building day as it offers a great variety of events which will suit a wide range of people.

How will your day run?

At the beginning of the day your host who will be dressed in full country regalia will split your group into teams who will participate on the upcoming activities. The host will then introduce you to the
instructors who will take the teams to their first activity. The teams will rotate round the different activities receiving a score on each one.

On each activity the instructors will be there to ensure the team can receive the best score possible and ensure that there is no cheating! The activities will be ranging from shooting to motorised to activities involving animals. All that would be involved in country life. At the end of the activities all the teams score would be totalled up to see who has the highest amount of points. This would then decide which teams will go into the Country Challenge Finale.

The Country Challenge Finale would involve the top 3 teams who would have to then “Milk The Cow" . This would involve each team having their own 2D Wooden Cow with udders and dependant upon how many points the team had scored would be how much time the team would have to milk the cow and get as much “Milk" as they can. The team that gets the most liquid in the allocated time would then be crowned the Country winners and receive a trophy and medals.

The acticvities you could chosoe from include:

Motorised activities

Shooting activities

Animal activities

  • Duck herding
  • Gun Dog handling
  • Ferret racing
  • Falconry

Team Building activities

If you would like to discuss a Country pursuits day with us or book an event call us now on 0114 270 0330 and let us arrange everything for you. Don't have a venue? we can source that for you too at no extra cost to you. Alternatively talk to us now on the live chat link on the left side of this page.



Call us now on 0114 270 0330

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