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Summer Activities & Summer Events

Although we are busy all year round, summer is as busy as it gets with many events on every week. The range of events in the summer is as varied as it is busy. Summer events range from Team building events to Family fun days and It's a knockout to Scout camp activities.

Summer team building events are always very popular as there is generally a better chance of decent weather and being outdoors generally leads to  more space to conducts the events in.

During the summer we run a wide range of activities at a number of Scout camps throughout the UK including a few which are two week residential camps. Every year different activities are more popular than others. For example one year we may have a lot of bookings for Laser tag and other years more for Archery and crossbows. Some years it may be more fun focussed team events such as It’s a knockout and others it may be more team building focussed while still being fun. One activity which is always popular however are our fantastic range of Motorised activities, particularly Quads.

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Family fun days from Demon WheelersWe love Family fun days in the summer, we love to see all the happy smiling faces of families having fun on our many varied activities. A summer family fun day is a fantastic way of bringing your workforce, employees and their families together in a relaxed social environment. We can offer Summer family fun day activities for all the family from Motorised activities to side stalls and from Inflatables to supplying catering.

It’s a knockout is perfect for a hot summer day and offers great fun entertainment both for those taking part and anyone watching on the sidelines. It’s a knockout works great as a charity event or a team building event and as part of a Family fun day. There are lots of different games which can be included from Inflatable’s to giant costume games. What really makes It’s a knockout a fantastic summer activity however are the wet games where you’re guaranteed to end up soaked.

School sports day is always popular throughout the summer months and since 2012 the Battle of Olympus which is our Olympics inspired team building event has been very popular. School sports day sees team compete through a range of Schools sports day team games to see who will be crowned the winner. The Battle of Olympus was inspired by the 2012 London Olympics and you and your team will compete through a range of Olympic sport related games head to head against other teams to try and win the gold medals.

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