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A is for Awards, Activities & Animation

Archery from Demon WheelersThe A to Z of events is a new series of posts which will cover the events industry and its activities with a general overview of each. We will work our way through the alphabet covering each letter and leaving no stone un-turned. Some letters will obviously bigger than others

A can stand for a lot of things in the Events industry, especially to Demon Wheelers with our huge array of events and activities we offer. A can stand for:


Archery is your chance to test your skills with a bow and arrows.  Will your skills be good enough to be able to hit the bullseye? Archery works great as apart of a Multi activity day, a scout camp or a Family fun day.

Amazing Activities

One thing we are really proud of is the amazing range of activities we can offer to all of our clients. We own 95% of everything we ever advertise and we have an in-house prop department which makes most of our props so you can be sure they are unique to us. Because we own nearly everything we use we can offer you unbeatable value for money as we don’t have to add on a third parties commission. So if you are looking for Argocats or an astonishing African safari theme night please give us a call.

Air rifles

Test your shooting skills with our air rifle shooting range. We have a number of different targets we can set up at your venue for you to aim at. Some are harder than others and some will really test your accuracy.
Argocat from demon wheelers


Argocats are like nothing you will have driven before. We have both 6 wheel and 8 wheel Argocats and they’re at home on land or water. Argocats are skid steer and you’ll need to use your skill and hang on tight when slaloming around the corners.


Animation is a great chance for you and your team to rediscover the joys of playing with Plasticine which will benefit your company in the process in this fun team building activity. Animation can work as a short event as part of a larger group of events or as a full day activity.

Assault courses

Assault courses can mean a couple of things in the Events industry. There are the muddy assault courses which some companies send you on with a drill instructor barking instructions at you. We don’t do that as we don’t believe it will benefit most companies. For us our assault course is an inflatable one and is used as part of the Krypton factor challenge and for family fun days or It’s a knockout. We also hire out all our inflatables with a member of staff to run them for your event.
Audio Visual Hire and Production

Audio visual

Audio Visual Hire and Production is important for just about every event once you have a large number of delegates.  Getting the AV side of your event right can make a massive difference to whether the event is a success or not.

African Safari theme nights

Imagine yourself as a big game hunter on the wide open African plains following in the footsteps of some of the famous African explorers. African Safari theme nights will surround you with props to give you the feeling of the great outdoors.

Arabian nights theme parties

Our Arabian nights theme parties will set the scene of a Bedouin tent where you can sample many of the delights of Arabia. These theme nights can include everything from themed lighting and draping to giant props and entertainment.


Awards could mean your annual company awards or awards for the winners of an event.  Many companies offer annual awards evenings coupled with either a conference or some team building activities. These are all areas we can help with we also supply prizes and or engraved medals for most of our events.


Alex is one of our Senior events managers and is also our Health and Safety Manager.

About Us

We’ve been working in the Events industry since 1994 and have a huge amount of experience from finding you the perfect venue to making sure you choose the best event for your requirements. Read More about Demon Wheelers

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