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Top 10 team building events for rainy autumn days

There are a few weeks officially of summer left and in the last few years September and October have had their fair share of bright sunny days. In fact in a few years the early autumn has been much better than a lot of the actual summer, weather wise. The reality is as the year […]

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Everything you ever wanted to know about team building part 2

This is part two of everything you ever wanted to know about team building. A handy guide to a whole range of information relating to team building activities and events. If you haven’t read part one of this article you can read part 1 of everything you ever wanted to know about team building. What […]

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Everything you ever wanted to know about team building part 1

If team building is something you are planning its likely you will have a lot of questions. This will be especially true if you are new to organising this type of event or your company hasn’t run team building events before. Don’t panic however as we’re here to help with this comprehensive guide covering everything […]

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Choosing the right team building activity

Team building is a great way to give your team the boost it needs and can often help you to improve communication, productivity and morale.  That being said, success hinges on choosing the right team building activity to suit your team and your objectives.  Here’s a useful guide to choosing the right activities and the […]

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Why Team building sometimes has a poor reputation

When you tell someone you are going to be taking part in some team building activities you will usually get one of two responses. One of these will be showing interest and asking about the activities and another will be a worried look on their face. So why do you sometimes get the second response, […]

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Building a New team? How to get it right first time

There comes a time for most companies when they have to put together a new team from scratch. This is an important time for a company because the difference between getting it right first time and having to make changes can be a huge amount of money. When you are setting up a new team […]

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The 5 W’s of Event planning

If you are planning an event there are many things you need to consider. These things generally fall under one of 5 categories. These categories all begin with the letter W and this makes up the 5 W’s of event planning. These 5 W’s are Why, Where, When, Who and What. Why is the event […]

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Top 6 summer team building events

Summer is still well and truly with us and so far this year it’s been one of the best for a number of years.  The good news is the good weather should hopefully continue into September with temperatures in the high teens and low 20’s forecast which is perfect weather for outdoor team building with […]

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A Look Back at 2012

This time last year the whole nation was still gripped with Olympic fever. Olympic fever is something that comes around once every 4 years and the whole country spends many hours watching lots of sports they didn’t know anything about just a few weeks before. In 2012 this fever was magnified as the Olympics were […]

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Understanding the potential issues within your teams

The first thing you need to do to be able to start correcting issues within your teams is to understand what the issues are.  Patrick Lencioni is an American writer on business management with a specific focus on team management. He lists the following as the five biggest dysfunctions for teams: Team members don’t trust […]

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