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Bringing your student ball to life

Plan a festive student ballThe party season is almost upon us and whilst many are looking forward to the opportunity to let their hair down, if you’re reading this you may well be feeling the pressure of organising an unforgettable Christmas party, themed evening or festive ball.

This is certainly a busy time of year for our team but it’s not all work do’s and corporate events.  We’re working with a growing number of University event managers and even students who want to make their Christmas balls bigger and better than ever before.

Student balls are a great way to help relieve the stress of looming deadlines and exams and re-motivate students before they disappear for the Christmas vacation.  Whilst some Christmas parties may be a small affair, departments and Student Union Societies often set aside a budget especially for the occasion and, if they really mean business, fundraising activities and ticket sales can provide a boost for the big bash.

Adding a theme to your Christmas ball is a great way to make the event memorable and is bound to make your department or society a talking point across campus.  Although you’ll need to budget for decorations and other special additions, students tend to be willing to pay a little more for tickets if the event offers something different to the norm.

We can provide props and entertainment for just about any theme, from the Roaring Twenties to Las Vegas or even a classic Masquerade Ball.  If you’re hosting a ball on behalf of a student society, why not tie the theme in with the societies activities?  A Dance Society is bound to enjoy our Bollywood Themed Evenings whilst a Hollywood themed party could be just the ticket for the Film Makers Society.

The secret to hosting an unforgettable student ball without breaking the bank is to stretch your budget as far as possible.  Consider hosting your ball mid-week as weeknights are often more popular with students than the weekend but huge savings can be made by booking a venue during the week.  You might also partner up with another society or department; not only could this mean double the budget but it also offers students a great opportunity to mingle with people from other departments, societies or halls of residence.

If you’re looking for the finishing touches for your Christmas Ball or a helping hand to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, speak to one of our dedicated events managers today by phoning 0114 270 0330 or email 

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