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Common team building myths

Team building can sometimes have a bad reputation and there has been a long history of the activities being maligned by those who have attended a poorly planned or designed event.  We’re here to debunk the myths and misconceptions which seem to perpetuate about team building events.

‘It’s just a skive off work day’

Whilst team building activities should be an enjoyable for your staff, there should always be a underlying reason behind the event.  Team building can be set up to help improve a range of objectives within your team from communication or collaboration exercises to activities aimed at improving creative thinking.

‘It’s all trust falls or a drill sergeant shouting at us’

While trust is a vitally important element to most teams we don’t know of any self-respecting team building company that still employs trust falls!  Likewise, whilst army-style bootcamp can suit some people, they are not right for everyone.  We don’t use drill sergeants and we believe that team building should be enjoyable for everyone taking part.  We offer a huge variety of team building games and activities to suit almost any group of people and a wide range of objectives.  What’s more, because we own 99% of our equipment, we’re completely flexible and more than happy to adapt activities to suit your team.

‘A trip to the pub is just as good’

We like to socialise outside of work hours as much as most companies but, although a trip to the pub might be an enjoyable and may help to boost morale it’s unlikely to have the same impact on your business as a structured team building event will.

‘Team building can be done once then forgotten’

Team building is not a one-time thing and it works much better if it is continually reinforced.  This doesn’t mean that you need to hold team building events every week but general posivite re-enforcement of the lessons learned during the team building activities is invaluable.  It’s also a good idea to arrange a follow up event to ensure that the value is long-lasting and not diminished over time.

‘It’s a waste of time which can be better spent in the office’

Team building can have a big benefit to your teams and the time lost by staff being out of the office for a day or half a day can be more than made up for by the long term gains. A well-planned and executed team building event can have long-term gains which can really kick-start your business and the productivity of your teams.

‘There’s no measurable gain or there’s no point to it’

This could not be further from the truth. Any team building event should have a clear set of measurable goals so the activities and the overall outcome can be measured. The only way you can determine if the event is a success or not is by assessing the true value of the event.

‘They’re boring events’

Well our team building activities certainly aren’t boring!  We always make sure our activities are both fun and have a point to them. We are firm believers that event attendees will gain a lot more if they are enjoying the activity. This also goes for conference speeches too, because if your speech is entertaining then those listening will take far more in.

‘Team building should be done as cheaply as possible or It’s a waste of money’

There is an old saying that you get out what you put in. Team building is no exception to this and doing things on the cheap can often lead to disappointing results.  We always recommend using a professional company with trained people to make sure you get true value for money.  Whereas one event might be a little more expensive initially it is likely to reap far more benefits in the long term.

There are many activities which are titled as team building but aren’t really team building events or they are extremely poorly thought out and bear no real resemblance to the actual needs of the team taking part.  Often this comes down to ‘team bonding’ being misinterpreted as team building.

Team building is a collection of activities with an overriding theme and goal designed to target and work on specific elements of your team and team bonding is aimed at helping team members get to know each other better.

The most common reason is Team building is misunderstood or confused with other types of activities.  Other times it’s because previous attempts have been poorly thought-out and planned.

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