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E is for Events, Evenings and Extras

The fifth part of our A to Z of events is focused on the letter E. E can mean a lot of things not least Events itself. Take a look at the information below to find out what else E stands for.


Events can mean a huge number of things from corporate events to huge concerts and can be any size from a few people to hundreds of thousands. We are corporate events specialists and even the term corporate events can also encompass a wide range of activities.  These events can range from Team building events to Theme nights and from Conferences to Motorised activities plus a whole lot more besides.

Evening Events

casino nights from Demon Wheelers

We offer a huge range of evening events and activities which range from Fun casino nights where you’ll try your hand at some of the most popular casino table games to race nights where you can gamble your fun money to try and win big on the horses. There are Pub Olympics where teams will compete through a range of team pub games to see who will be the winners.

We also offer a fantastic range of Theme nights for you to choose from including favourites such as Las Vegas, James Bond and the Caribbean to newer theme nights such as Narnia, Moulin rouge and circus theme nights plus just about everywhere in between.  On top of all this we also offer Quizzes including our interactive quiz, TV Tastic, Murder mystery nights, The Degeneration game, pub treasure hunts and Race to Riches. We also offer Cracking Christmas parties.

Event managers

All of our events come complete with a fully trained event manager who will look after the whole day from meeting you until the presentations are made at the end of the day.

Event Management

Event management is the process of planning and executing an event. Every event is different and every event has a huge number of considerations. All of our events come with a fully trained Event manager to make sure your day runs smoothly. We can be as involved as you like us to be before the event from Finding the venue to arranging catering and rooms if required. We have been managing events for our clients since 1994.


Evens is the odds we pay out if your chosen horse finished third on one of our race nights.  Evens is also the odds on Roulette for Choosing Red or Black or Odds or Evens on a fun casino night.

Egg Flirt & Entrapment

Egg flirt and Entrapment are two of our team building games which make up some of our Team building events and Multi activity days. In Egg flirt teams must build a contraption to fire an egg at a target within the time allowed. In Entrapment your team must help two of your team members across a grid of questions and challenges.


Circus theme nights from themed eveningsWe can offer a wide range of entertainment n to add to your event from activities for a family fun day to fire eaters and fire jugglers or dancers for your theme night. Entertainment can come in many different forms and can be woven in to lots of events. Call us to find out what we can offer you.

Event Extras

Depending on the type of event there are a wide range of extras you can add to an event which can make the difference from a good event to a great event. For a casino night for example some theming might just set off the room. A Hollywood night will look better with a red carpet entrance.


The entrance to your room or building is the first thing your guests will see so when you are hosting a theme night you want to pay good attention to how the entrance looks.  We have original and high quality themed entranceways for many of our theme nights.

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