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Everything you ever wanted to know about team building part 1

Team building gameIf team building is something you are planning its likely you will have a lot of questions. This will be especially true if you are new to organising this type of event or your company hasn’t run team building events before. Don’t panic however as we’re here to help with this comprehensive guide covering everything you might want to know about team building. So where do we start? A good place to start is making sure we are clear what team building is. So let’s begin with some things you might need to know before you go any further.

What is Team Building?

Team building is defined as the process of building a team which can either be the physical aspect of selecting team members but more commonly it refers to a process which is designed to encourage development of the team members as a whole and make them more efficient. If you would like to know more about this read our What is Team building? article.

Why do you need team building?

If the team building event is something you have proposed a question you will often need to answer is Why do we need to do team building? Another way to put it might be what are the benefits of team building? The answer is they can be quite varied every company needs something different to give its teams that edge to take them from being a good team to being a great team. The benefits to your team can be extremely varied from a morale boost to improved communication or collaboration.  Read more about the benefits of team building we also have an article which delves into the cost of NOT investing in team building

No Drill Sergeants on our eventsWhy does team building sometimes have a bad reputation?

I’m sure most events industry professionals have had someone react negatively to the term team building at some point and it does seem that to some people team building has negative connotations. Why is this? There can be a number of reasons but chiefly the main reason is that someone has taken part in what was called team building which actually wasn’t or it was badly planned.

It does seem very common, even for some people in the events industry who should know better to confuse team building with team bonding. Read more on Why Team building sometimes has a poor reputation.

How do you answer management concerns with team building?

Especially in the current climate many managers and directors will want to know why they should spend money on team building and how a team building event will help address some of their potential concerns regarding the work teams they are responsible for. These concerns might be something like how can they improve workplace performance and teamwork or how can they develop future leaders from within which will save on recruitment costs? We have written an article which will help you address management concerns with team building

How do you make sure your event is a success and you get good value for money?

Along with other concerns your manager or director will want to be sure they are going to get as much value for their money as possible. They will want to know the event is going to be a success and it will achieve what it sets out to do.  Making sure your event is a successful as it possibly can be is a potentially tricky task but with proper preparation here’s how we make sure your event is a success.

Summer team buildingWhat elements make up a good team

Each team is built on four key foundations which are teamwork, communication, leadership and organisation. A team is at its most efficient and best when all of these four areas are working in harmony and unison. Would you like to know more? Here is a post we wrote on the subject:

How do we work out which elements our teams need to work on?

A key to deciding and determining which areas your teams needs most work and development is understanding some of the potential issues within your teams. Most teams which are underperforming are struggling in one, or more of seven areas where as a highly productive team generally functions well in those same seven areas. To find out more about these seven areas and what you can do to improve them please read this article:

How do we make sure we book the right venue?

Choosing the right venue is dependent on a number of factors which you need to bear in mind. There are primarily 5 things to consider which include the reason for the event, the location, your budget, the venue facilities versus the facilities your event requires and finally that it meets any other requirements your event has. Find out more and read about the trials and tribulations of choosing the right venue.

Read part 2 now.

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