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F is for Families, Fun days and Fairytales

Family Fun DaysPart 6 of our A to Z series of blog posts covers the letter F. F stands for Fun which is something we make all our events because we believe that our clients will get a lot more out of the event if they enjoy it.


Family and Families are important to us at Demon Wheelers. Demon Wheelers were founded as and are still run as a family company which means we can offer the same dedication to making sure your event is as good as it possible can be which we always have. One of our most popular events are our Family fun days.

Fun days

Fun days come under a few different names such as Family fun days, corporate fun days or charity fun days. These are usually large events with a large number of expected attendees and can be just as varied. We offer a fantastic range of activities for these type of events from Side stalls and giant games to soft play areas to Motorised activities. We can supply a wide variety of inflatable activities and other items such as Laser Tag, a video games arcade or even mini golf. We can even run an It’s a knockout event as a centre-piece for your family fun day.Take a look at everything we can offer on our Family fun days page.


Narnia Theme NIghtsEveryone loves a good fairy story and Fairy tales are key to two of our popular theme nights. We offer a Fairytales theme party filled with treasures from many childhood favourites. We also offer a very popular Narnia Theme night where we will turn your venue in to the magical lands of Narnia which were made famous in the books by C.S.Lewis.


Our staff acts as facilitators on our events to help your company achieve its goals from the event. We act as a neutral party and work with all of your teams without having any bias or preconceptions about anyone involved This process is known as Facilitation.

First Aid

All of our event managed events come with staff who are fully first aid trained.

Four by Four driving

4×4 driving is one of our popular motorised activities. We are able to cater for all types of drivers on our 4×4 off road driving events from novice to experienced off-roader.

Flexible Thinking

The ability to think flexibly is a key element to most successful work teams. This ability allows you to see solutions within problems and we offer team building events which are focused around the ability to be flexible and work with others to achieve mutually beneficial goals. Flexibility is also a key part of our day to day role as we don’t offer cookie cutter packages and we tailor the events to your requirements. Because we own 95% of everything we ever offer we can offer this flexibility as we don’t have to rely on third party companies to be compliant.


Human Table football from Demon WheelersEvery two years there is a big football tournament, either the World cup or the European championships and we see a surge for our football themed events. Football also stands for our Human table football which is very popular at Fun days and at scout camps. We also have several Table football tables which we use on our Pub Olympics events.

Fire & Flames

We use Flame machines on some of our theme nights to add a touch of extra glamour to the entranceway or to the room. Building a device to fire an egg at a target is the general premise of Egg Flirt.


Foosball is another name for Table football which is a popular element of our Pub game Olympics event.


Frankie is one of our event instructors who has been with us since 2012.

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