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G is for Games, Guns and Giant things

Laser ClaysThe sixth section of our A to Z of events covers G. G in events covers quite a range of different elements and activities in the events industry.


Games and Activities are the primary elements of most of our events from team building events to Family fun days. Games might refer to Giant games or team building games. They could also be Pub Games from our  Pub Game Olympics but Games are a vital element of many of our events.


We offer a wide range of shooting activities which use a range of guns from Air Rifles and Pistols to Laser Clay pigeon shooting and from Clay pigeon shooting to Laser tag and Laser sniper.

Giant things

There are many different Giant things which are involved within the events industry from giant games for family fun days to our It’s a knockout giants.


Giants is one of our favourite It’s a knockout games where the contestants will wear oversized Giant suits to complete the race.

Giant games

We can offer a range of different giant games for your family fun day from Snakes and ladders and connect 4 to Jenga and giant puzzles. Like side stalls these offer extra entertainment to the day and are very popular among children.

Giant Scalextric

Giant ScalectrixOur giant 6 lane Scalextric is 16ft by 8ft and is a huge favourite for indoor events. We have taken our Giant Scalextric along to a wide range of events from Scout camps to corporate evening events.


Your guests are the most important element of any event. The whole focus of the event should be around making sure they are happy and get something out of the event. The main objective for them will be different depending on the type of event. For example your guests for a Theme night will expect different things to those on a Conference or a team building event.


Zombies are for theme parties not conferencesGhouls and Monsters theme nights are traditionally seen around Halloween and is a great opportunity for your guests to dress up and show off. Ghouls and Monsters theme nights and Halloween parties are the events every year where you want things to go Bump in the night.


Gangsters and Molls theme nights are set in the roaring 20’s behind the doors of a speakeasy. You’ll have to make sure you don’t offend the mafia boss. We’ll theme your room as a speak easy with props and decorations to match.

Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is one of our theme nights which has become quite popular in 2013 with the release of the major films of the same name. The story takes place in the 1920’s in New York and is a representation of the carefree time for the rich and fashionable social elite. Great Gatsby theme nights are great fun for you and your guests.


GPS or Global Positioning System is the key element in our GPS Treasure hunts where you will have to navigate your way between a series of points and then complete a challenge or answer a question before you are given your next point. This event utilises Samsung Galaxy Tablets to instruct and inform your teams of their next challenge.

Gladiator Joust

Gladiator Joust on a Family fun dayGladiator joust is a fun combative activity where two competitors stand on raised podiums and try to knock off their competitors on to the large inflatable mat using a large soft baton. This is similar to one of the favourite events from Gladiators TV show only much closer to the safety mat.


Gill Angus is our Finance Manager.


Gary Fletcher is our Senior Prop designer.

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