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Building a New team? How to get it right first time

working togetherThere comes a time for most companies when they have to put together a new team from scratch. This is an important time for a company because the difference between getting it right first time and having to make changes can be a huge amount of money.

When you are setting up a new team you have the opportunity to put systems and procedures in place to make sure your team runs as smoothly as it can from day 1. I say as smoothly as it can rather than completely smoothly because every team no matter how well-oiled and efficient still hits a bump in the road now and again.


One of the most important things you need to make sure you get 100% right first time is the person who will be leading the team.  A lot of care and consideration should be taken to making sure the right person gets the job and not just the next person in line or someone who is best friends with you or another boss.

Leadership does not only come from those in charge either a team with multiple natural leaders will be stronger than one with no real leaders. A manager cannot be around all the time so every team needs senior team members with leadership skills to led by example.

The right mix of personalities

A team full of Yes Men or Yes women who blindly just agree all the time will certainly run in to problems at some stage. Likewise a team full of all one type of personality will struggle in some areas. Belbin team roles state there are 9 different personality types and each team needs a mix of all of these to make sure they have all bases covered.

You need to make sure you have a good mix of people and not all skewed towards being highly sales driven for example because you also need team members who take a strategic view and do the other work involved.

Conflict in a team can be good as long as it is constructive and a reasonable amount of conflict can often find new and better ways of working. On the opposite side if you have too many really strong personalities you can create too much conflict and in teams where there is a mix of introverted team members and those with strong personalities you must create an atmosphere where everyone feels they can speak up and put their points across.

Recruiting the right skills in the right positions

Just like recruiting the right leader based on skills and not who they know the same can be said for the other members of the positions. It’s no use recruiting someone for a role if they don’t have experience or the skills to complete the tasks they will be required to complete.

Planning for individual growth and development to the benefit of the team

When you are creating a team you have a fantastic opportunity to put in place and secure the future of your team by creating inbuilt opportunities to cross and multi skill your team members. By putting training and buddy systems in place you prepare for any sickness and the inevitable staff turnover by ensuring multiple team members can cover each element of the team. By creating training programs you also allow your staff to grow and become better in their own roles which gives an improved sense of self-worth and the feeling you value them.

Putting processes and procedures in place

Like above putting in place procedures for when someone is off ill regarding who covers their work load and who helps that person out with their work can mean sickness has little impact. This is just one area you should look at having set procedures.

Set goals

Every team and team member needs goals which must be realistic to achieve but not be too easy. Setting goals at the right level for both the business and your team can be a tricky balancing act but you must take care to get this just right.


As I mentioned near the beginning of this article every team will hit a few bumps along the way on their journey so the final key is constant re-evaluation of the team, it’s goals and its procedures. By this I don’t mean chopping and changing every 5 minutes because a new way of working is flavour of the month. What I do mean is a good team leader or manager needs to be able to look over their team with a critical eye and find any bottlenecks which regularly occur. A good manager will also look critically of themselves. By regularly evaluating how your team is performing it allows you to make minor tweaks before it becomes necessary to make big changes.

So how can we help?

We run a range of team building events which can help your new team learn more about itself  and help work on developing communication between your team members we well as many other objectives you might like to include.  We tailor all of our team building events to our clients’ needs and won’t just give you a set of team building activities with little thought to how they will work with your team.

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