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How to make sure you get the right event planner

Event planning calendarEvery event you are planning needs to be done as well as it can be and often you will need to hire a professional event company to look after the event for you. There are a lot of event companies and agencies out there, so just how do you make sure you pick the right one. You will need to ask yourself a number of questions to make sure you make the right choice.

Is what they are proposing right for you?

Depending on the type of event you will need to make sure the event your prospective event planner is proposing fully meets your needs. There is little use arranging a team building day running through army assault courses if you are a mostly office based company.  Having an event planner or event company who understands your needs is very important. Don’t just settle for what is first suggested if it’s not right for you. At Demon Wheelers we will always do our utmost to make sure the event we are planning and organising for you is right for you and your company.

What Experience does your event planner have?

If you have the feeling you are calling a call centre full of sales people then you probably don’t have the right company to deal with. Every company has new staff who will need to learn the ropes from time to time and a fresh viewpoint can work wonders for new event ideas but you should always make sure the person you are dealing with is fully backed up by someone with a lot of experience.  Our Directors have 20 years’ experience each and many of our staff has well over 5 years’ experience in the events industry. Our directors still plan and run events and they offer a solid foundation for any new starters here at Demon Wheelers to learn from.

Does you event planner work for a supplier or an agency?

Similar to the question above if you have the feeling you are talking to a call centre you will need to enquire whether the company you are dealing with are going to be running the event themselves or subcontracting some, most or even all of the event. Demon Wheelers are an event supplier and we work with both agencies and with our own direct clients. It always amazes us when we are running an event for an agency and it turns out that agency has been subcontracted by another agency. On one occasion there were three agencies involved between us running the event and the client.

Do they own their own equipment?

Our own  Inflatable crystal domeIf the company you are dealing with direct doesn’t own all or most of their own equipment they won’t be able to guarantee its quality and how well it has been looked after.  One thing we are proud of is we own 99% of everything we ever advertise and always keep it in top working order. Because it’s our own kit we can be sure of this where as a third party agency will not be able to say the same.

Do they have the right personality for you?

Everyone wants to work with someone whose personality goes well with their own. If you have an event planner you are going to be working with them for some time so you need to make sure there isn’t going to be a huge amount of friction at every turn.  Are you speaking to someone who will be running the actual event or a facilitator who will hand over to someone else on the day? Can you speak directly to the person who will be in-charge on the day itself? This is because you don’t want to get along famously well with the Event planner and then someone who you don’t like take over on the day. Similarly if one person is doing the event planning and another running the day you will nee to make sure they are singing from the same page.

How transparent are they?

How transparent are the fees and the contract you are expected to sign. Ask for clarification if there is an un-explainable mark up on the event how they came to the rate. If there is something you are not happy about say something or ask for clarification. If the company you are working with are transparent in the initial process you can expect transparency through the process. Just like when building a team, a working relationship between you and an event planner has to be based on trust. Trust they will do their very best for you.

What questions have they asked you?

A good event planner will have begun by asking you lots of questions about the event you are going to put on. These should range from basics such as the date and time and type of event but if they haven’t delved deeper in to finding out what you want to achieve and your objectives for the event this should set off alarm bells. The last thing you need is a cookie cutter approach with little or no forethought to what you actually need.  If you have been sent proposals from multiple companies or event planners.  For a team building event for example, make sure you look in detail at which is tailored to your company.

How will what they have proposed help you?

If your event planner has asked lots of questions and understood your requirements you should receive a proposal which fits what you are looking for. If something doesn’t quite fit or isn’t right for you ask to make changes. Because we have created our own entire events range over the last 19 years we can make changes to how they run to suit your company’s needs. We’re always innovating and updating our activities to keep them relevant to today and all of our kit, which we own 99% of everything we ever advertise, is in the best possible condition.


After you have answered all of these questions you should have a good idea if the company you are speaking to is right for you.

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