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How To Shake Off The Post Holiday Blues

Team guilding gameIt’s quite common for there to be a slight slump in morale in the post holiday’s seasons. These slumps can tend to appear just after Christmas in January and early February when Christmas has passed and the cold weather and dark nights have set in.  Another common time is in the autumn when the weather turns a little more went and damp. Most staff members have had their summer holiday and the weather is only likely to get drearier and the nights darker for the next few months. It’s natural for staff morale to be a little lower than normal during this time.

Summer is now officially underway so if you are planning an event for just after the summer then now is the time to confirm your plans for the later summer months and through the Autumn.  Here are some tips to help give you some ideas.

Organise a team building event

Organise a team building event which will help energise your team and will also have the added benefit of imparting new skills and help work towards improving other goals such as better communication.  Team building can sometimes have a poor reputation which stems from events being poorly run in the past but a properly well done team building event will give your company a much needed boost.

Book your Christmas party early

Winter Wonderland Theme NightsBy booking your Christmas party early it gives your staff something to look forward to. It seems to be more and more common for company Christmas parties to be booked up earlier and earlier. This gives a number of added benefits. Booking early gives you a much better choice of dates and venues for your Christmas party. You may also find if you book early there may be some discount too as it helps venues and suppliers fill a date in their diary early too. By booking and making everyone aware of the plans you show your employees that you want to reward them for their hard work.

By giving them plenty of notice it also makes it much easier for those staff members with children who may need to find baby sitters. The lead up to Christmas is a very busy time and can be quite expensive for everyone. The earlier your company Christmas party is booked the longer everyone has to budget for the event and make sure there are no clashes with other events.

Arrange something fun

When you are trying to break out of a morale slump not every event you organise has to have a serious side to it. We always try and make our team building events as fun as possible sometimes you might just want to organise something to do that’s just aimed at having fun.  We can offer a great range of fun activities such as Pub Olympics, Race nights, Fun casino nights, Theme nights and a great range of Quizzes which include our Interactive Quiz TV-Tastic.

Doing something fun and unexpected doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Something simple such as hiring a few table games like Table football and Air hockey and hosting your own in-house tournament will add a buzz to the office and won’t cost too much to do. It also has the benefit of not having to drag anyone away from their desks for long or take up anyone’s free time.

If you would like to contact us about anything on this website, how we can help you raise morale at your company or indeed anything else please give us a call on 0114 270 0330. Alternatively you can fill in our contact us form at the bottom of this page and someone will call respond soon and during usual office hours you can click the live chat button on the left side of this page and talk to is directly.

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