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Looking Back at February

Nathan On a Demon Wheelers eventThis is the first post in a new series that we will be bringing to you each month. We continually try and keep our customers up to date on “what’s going on” at the DW headquarters and each month we will bring you a brief bit of information on what we’ve been up to.

“Firstly I’m Nathan Angus, I’m the Operations Director at Demon Wheelers and have been involved since its inception. I started in the events trade at the age of 12 years old when I worked a Saturday job on a farm that had Quad bikes and provided children’s birthday parties. At the age of 32 now I have provided many different events and have worked on events in USA, Portugal, Spain and France as well as the whole of Great Britain that we regularly work in.

As Demon Wheelers has grown we have changed from a seasonal company to operating events all year round which means there is never a dull moment.

February was a busy month with events, planning for the future and a new office space all rolled into one small month of 28 days.

3d Shark propThe month got off to a bang on the 1st of February saw the first outing of our new 3D Shark which had been built in January by Gary in our prop building department. As with all our props we try and make them unique and always ensure they are made to a very high standard. We provided the 3D Shark as part of our Below the Sea themed night, you can view some of the images from that event on our facebook page.

On the same day as the Below the Sea event we also had a team down at the Imperial College in London providing a Wacky Wheels event which is great way of getting a team working together, improving communication and instilling team spirit while participating on an enjoyable event.

This blog would go on and on if I was to list every event we did each month so if you want to keep up to date with where we are and when we’re doing things you can always check our twitter feed. Social Media is growing from day to day and there are continually new ways to find information from blogs to Google+.  We at Demon Wheelers believe that it’s important to always look to improve, with this in mind we strive to be available on all social media channels so you can find us now on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Flickr and many more. For a full list of where we’re available you can view our social media channels on our website.

February saw us provide a variety of events from Hovercrafts for a corporate group in Stratford to Laser Tag in Gerrards Cross for a scout group. Other locations we went to in February include Lincoln, Southend, Sheffield, Leeds and London. Needless to say our vehicles and drivers know the motorways of this country very well.

One of my favourite events of the month was a Race Night we provided for Gordon’s Solicitors at Alea Casino in Leeds. This event was special as the proceeds from the event all went towards a charity in Leeds called Martins House Hospice. The hospice cares for children and young people with progressive life-limiting illnesses and provides support to their families. Needless to say this is a massively important charity and anything we as an events company can do to help the wonderful people at places like Martin’s House we are happy to oblige.

The past month also saw a major step in the continued growth of Demon Wheelers as we moved office and took on even more warehouse space. The offices are starting to get some semblance after they looked like a bomb of paperwork had been dropped on them for the first two weeks. The warehouse and storage area will mean we have more space to build newer games and more fantastic props, just wait till you see some of the ideas we have planned out.

As the growth continued with bigger offices so too did the workforce and we are happy to announce that after an extensive interview process there will be two new full time members to the DW team starting at the end of March so look out for their profiles coming soon on our website.

March looks as though it is going to be another eventful month with the trade show Confex on at London Excel. Plus we already have events booked in London, Chester, Southampton and a weekend in the Isle of Wight which the staff are already fighting over. If you would like to meet me at Confex you can contact me either through our contact us page or via the social media links at the end of this post.

The beginning of the year saw a number of large companies fall including Blockbuster, HMV and Jessops. This can sometimes bring a negativity to people in the work place even when they are employed in a completely different sector. In the news it is always filled with doom and gloom and the news that Britain has lost its triple A rating is never a good sign. But positivity and hard work will always help companies to be more productive and profitable.

Keeping your workforce enthused isn’t the easiest thing to do in these trying times in the economy. Demon Wheelers recognise this and as we own our activities and are not an agency having to use subcontractors we are able to adjust our prices to suit your budgets. Team building is often thought of as a costly expenditure but some of our packages are built with cost effectiveness in mind, activities like Stop The Clocks and Commercial Teambreak are adaptable so they can even be held in your own offices.

So remember don’t think how much will it cost, just give us a call and find out. Till next month remember a happy work force is a motivated work force.”

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