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M is for Movies, Mystery & Motorised Activities

The thirteenth letter in our journey from A to Z of the event world covers the letter M. Take a look below at what M means to us.

Movie madness

A Clapper boardMovie madness is a fun event based around making your own Hollywood blockbuster movie. Whether you have always wanted to be behind the camera or in front this is your opportunity to be a part of a Summer smash hit movie.  This team building event involves completing every element of a movie from acting to directing, make up and setting the scenes.

Movies are also a key element to our Hollywood theme nights and our Movie and cinema theme nights. Hollywood theme parties are your opportunity to experience the Hollywood celebrity lifestyle from the red carpet entrance way with the paparazzi to living the celebrity lifestyle for the evening.

Mission Possible

This is your mission should you choose to accept it. Mission possible challenges you to complete a range of tasks to gain clues to defuse a bomb (not a real bomb)  before the time runs out. Mission possible is a fun filled and fast paced event from start to finish. The tasks in this event can be tailored to suit your group but are generally a mix of Motorised activities, shooting activities and team building activities.

Masterpiece challenge

The Masterpiece challenge is a fun filled indoor and collaborative team building event. Your group will be split in to a number of teams who will all have to complete either 1 or 2 parts of a large image. At the end of the event teams must put together their smaller images to make up the whole larger picture. This event really is about seeing the bigger picture and working well with multiple teams to achieve your overriding goal.

Motorised activities

DSCF3451We made our name originally running motorised activities and we have built up over the years one of the largest selections of motorised kit in the UK. Some of the favourite activities include Quads for all ages from age 6, Rage buggies which were voted by Top gear as the best off road vehicle. Hovercrafts, Argocats, Pacer Karts, 4×4 driving and much more.

Micro Quads

A really fun motorised activity which wasn’t mentioned above are our Micro Quads.  Micro Quads are great fun, the driving position is awkward and you’ll all be laughing at each other but you will definitely enjoy it.

Murder Mystery

Working out “Whodunnit?” is the aim of the game on a Murder Mystery evening. Put yourself in some of the great detectives shoes and inspect all the evidence to work out who the killer is.


Masquerade mask prop from Demon WheelersMasquerade balls are a great chance for you and your guests to be creative while dressing in their finery. Dating back to the 15th and 16th Century Masquerade balls were traditionally associated with the Venetian carnival and a fantastic opportunity to dress a little over the top.


Let us take you back to a time of Kings and Queens and pretty princesses and gallant knights. We’ll turn your venue into a medieval castle hall or courtyard. You will have to make sure not to upset the Sherriff or you might spend some of the Medieval themed evening in the stocks.

Moulin rouge

Moulin Rouge theme nights are a night of bohemian decadence in one of the most recognisable cabaret clubs in the world. The room will be themed like the famous club with props from Paris and entertainers befitting of the sumptuous splendour of this theme night.


Morale is one of the most important elements of any team or company. A company with low morale can suffer from reduced output and efficiency. Less care may be taken and errors may creep in. These are just a few reasons why it is important to keep your workers happy. No one wants to work in a team with low morale and by improving your companies morale this can lead to reduced staff turnover and increased output. Take a look at just a few of the other Objectives of Team building.


Mark is one of our event instructors.

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