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Make your teams greater than the sum of their parts

Teamwork can be the key to your companys successTeamwork forms the basis of any team or organisations success. This means everyone giving 100% effort 100% of the time.  There is a phrase “Greater than the sum of its parts” this means if everyone pulls together towards the same goals and objectives it can achieve far more that a group of individuals.

It is vitally important for any business, especially in difficult trading times to ensure its teams all pull together in the same direction. Team members must work in unison and not against each other to ensure your teams achieve their objectives. Many companies offer individual sales incentives which can be a great motivating factor but care should be taken for targets not to be mutually exclusive and team members be competing for the same sales leads for example.

By having team related goals and objectives rather than individual ones you encourage your employees to pull together rather than pulling apart. There can be a number of different things which can hinder teams working as one. Poor communication is one of the most common issues within teams. It is important a team communicates properly to ensure everyone is aware where the teams are in relation to its objectives.

In some cases a team or sub team needs to collaborate with other teams and this can sometimes lead to tensions and competition between teams or sub teams which should really be pulling together. There are a number of team building activities which can help address both communication and collaboration within your teams.

Teams which have a closer bond will be more likely to go the extra mile for each other and this is why we offer a huge range of different events focused on a range of potential objectives. All of our activities are designed to be fun for everyone and not the kind where someone is forced to do something silly and is laughed at. Team building needs to be an inclusive process to be able to foster an air of togetherness and create a good group dynamic.

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