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N is for Night-time, Narnia and New York

Narnia Theme NIghtsThe fourteenth instalment in our A to Z of events covers the letter N. N means many things to Demon Wheelers including being representative of our Operations Director, Nathan. Find out what else N stands for in the A to Z of events.

Night time

We offer a wide range of night time and evening activities.  These  include events  which incorporate team based fun and competitive events such as the Pub Olympics to our fantastic range of Theme Nights.  We also offer Fun casino nights, race nights and quizzes. One of our most popular quiz based events is our TV-Tastic interactive quiz.


The magical world of CS Lewis’s Narnia is brought to life in our Narnia Theme nights. Step through the wardrobe in to the snowy landscape beyond where you’ll meet characters from the books and explore scenes from the stories.

New York

Start spreading the news, Our New York, New York theme nights are a taste of the big apple. From props and scenes from the city that doesn’t sleep to a range of theming to set the scene.

Nineteen twenties

great-gatsby-theme-nightsThe 1920’s are the setting for 3 of our theme nights and it was a really fascinating period in history with Gangsters and molls and prohibition. There were hidden casinos and speak easy’s. On a 1920’s theme party there can be live jazz bands or dancers dancing the famous dance’s from the decade. As well as our 1920’s theme parties we also offer gangsters and molls theme nights and Great Gatsby theme nights.

Nineteen eighties

On a 80’s Theme Night we’ll transport you back to the 1980’s and to a decade when big hair and bright clothes was the norm. The room will be filled with props and silhouette panels depicting icons and imagery from the  80’s Our DJ will spin some 80’s songs and no one can deny that the 80’s were a very important decade  and influential decade in the world of music.

Nineteen seventies

70's theme nightsMake sure you’re dressed to impress on our 70’s theme nights. We’ll take you back to when glitter was everywhere and ABBA and Disco ruled the world. Our 70’s props Music and décor will really set the scene for you to have a groovy time.

Nineteen ninety-four

Demon Wheelers were founded in 1994 and are still run with the same passion and owned by the same family as they were then. Our nearly 20 years’ experience in the events industry coupled with our amazing range of equipment and kit allows us to offer you unbeatable value for money.

Name that tune & Name that face

Name that tune and Name that face are two round types from our buzzer quizzes. In Name that tune you have to be fast on the buzzer to guess the song before anyone else. Similarly in Name that Face you have to tell us who the famous face is before anyone else.


Nathan Angus is our operations director. You can follow Nathan on Twitter and you can add Nathan on Google Plus

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