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O is for Olympics, Objectives and the Ocean

Archery from Demon WheelersThe Letter O is the subject for our 15th post on the A to Z of Events. O means a lot of things to us including Objectives, Olympics, Off road, Outdoors and the Ocean. Read on below for more details:-


Objectives are what you need to set yourself and your company when planning any corporate event. It is important that you set objectives so that you can understand after the event whether they have been met and whether the event has been a success or not. Many companies want to improve teamwork and communication or sometimes they want to improve the collaboration between teams as well as generally raising the morale of the company.


The Olympics and Paralympics were the main focus of the entire nation during the summer of 2012 and we introduced some new events which linked in to this theme.

Battle of Olympus is a team based competitive team building event where your team will compete through a range of fun team challenges which are based on the events in the Olympic Games. Battle of Olympus is a very popular outdoor event.

Buzzin’ for Gold is our Olympic themed quiz with a number of rounds based on the venues, Sportsmen and women of the Olympics.

Going for Gold is similar format to our very popular Pub Olympics but with an Olympic twist and games linked to the Olympics. Going for gold is a great option for an evening event.

Off Road

A Rage BuggyWe offer a great range of off road driving options including Rage Buggies, Quad Bikes, 4×4 Driving, Powerturns, Micro Quads, Hovercrafts and much more. We also own all of our own motorised kit so we can offer an unbeatable value for money over third party agencies.  Take a look at our range of off-road motorised activities.


You can explore the great outdoors with our excellent selection of activities which are great for outdoors.  We love being outside and  we offer a great range of outdoor options for you to enjoy the open air from some fun team building options to our outstanding selection of Motorised activities. We also offer a great selection of family fun day activities and It’s a knockout events. We offer many different shooting activities and a great choice of Inflatable activities.  Every year we also supply activities to many different scout camps throughout the UK


The Ocean plays a part in three of our popular theme nights. Firstly there is our Below the sea theme night where we will take you under the ocean to explore the magical world under the sea with props and theming to really set the tone.

If you would prefer not to get your feet wet you can relax beside the sea with one of our Caribbean theme nights where we will whisk you off to a sun drenched caribban island with props and theming to match. You’ll be able to listen to the sounds of the Caribbean while sipping cocktails from our very own Tiki bar.

If being on top of the ocean is more your thing we have our Pirates of the Caribbean theme nights where you have the opportunity to be a pirate for the evening. Just make sure you don’t upset our pirate captain and end up walking the plank!

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