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P is for Pubs, Parties, Pirates and Powerturns

Pirates of the CaribbeanThe sixteenth letter in our A to Z of events is P and P covers a large number of different elements of the events industry. Find out below what P means to demon wheelers:-

Pub Olympics

Pub Olympics is a fun evening event which offers you a competitive edge to it. Your group will be split into teams who will compete through a number of favourite pub games both old and new.  From favourites such as Table Football and Air Hockey to Bar Skittles and Darts you are sure to have a great time. Find out more

Pub Treasure hunts

On a Pub Treasure hunt you will compete with other teams from your group to see who can find their way to a number of pubs in the quickest time. There will be challenges such as collecting items from some pubs and answering questions in others.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of our favourite theme nights which we offer. Inspired by the film of the same name we will take you on a shipboard journey around the Caribbean looking for plunder and booty. You’ll need to be careful though not to upset our Pirate captain and end up walking the plank. Find out more about Pirates of the Caribbean theme nights 


PowerTurnPowerturns are fun two-seater buggies where a lever controls each engine which controls one rear wheel. You’ll need to work together or just end up spinning around in circles. Take a look at all the Motorised activities we offer.

Pacer Karts

Pacer karts are 270cc 4 stroke engine powered buggies which we can offer to our clients. Although we usually upgrade all our clients to our superior Rage buggies we have kept and still use our pacer karts as they are suitable for younger drivers.


Everything is possible or so we believe and this makes up the ethos of our Mission possible event where you will be given a number of challenges to overcome. We have been working in the events industry for nearly 20 years and even if we don’t offer something on our website we can generally create a bespoke event to exactly meet your needs.

Problem solving

Problem solving is a popular objective many companies want to improve on a Team building day and all of our events have an element of problem solving and because we own 95% of everything we ever advertise we can quickly and easily tailor an event to meet your exact requirements.

Planning ahead

We firmly believe on planning ahead for events as the more time you have to plan the more polished and slick the event is. The more lead time there is the more potential issues a can be ironed out and the better choice of venue to pick from.


Pyramids is one of our team building activities which makes up one element of some of our team building days. It’s guaranteed to get you fired up and is great fun.


Paintball is a team event where you will take part in make believe war where you will have objectives to achieve while firing paint balls at your opponents. We work with a number of paintball centres around the country to offer this activity at the best possible prices. We also offer Laser tag for a similar but much less painful experience.


Parties make up a large proportion of our events which we run from Christmas Parties which seem to be booked earlier and earlier each year to our fantastic range of theme parties.

Paul Angus

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