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Last minute Christmas parties

Last minute christmas partiesWith Christmas fast approaching, the party season is already in full swing as most of us take a little time out to celebrate with our colleagues, bond over our successes and look forward to the year ahead.

If you haven’t booked your work Christmas party yet, there’s no time to waste so act now to ensure your team don’t miss out!  If you’re finding that your preferred date or venue is fully booked, don’t panic.  Here are some top tips to help you plan a last minute Christmas party with all the trimmings.

  1. Hold your Christmas party on a weeknight
    Weeknights are often overlooked as companies rush to book their parties on Friday or Saturday evenings.  What many don’t realise is there are huge savings to be made on venues, entertainment and party prop hire by opting for a mid-week slot.In fact, if your team members work shifts or have busy family lives, they might actually thank you for the chance to let their hair down mid-week.
  2. Bring your team together with team building activities
    Whilst we’ve already talked about the many benefits of incorporating team building activities into your Christmas party, it can also be a great alternative for a last-minute celebration.  Team building events are typically held during the Summer months but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a whole host of indoor team building activities in the Winter and you may find it easier to secure your first choice of date and venue.
  3. Shared Christmas Parties
    This is a great option for smaller companies who may not be able to fill a large venue or afford elaborate decorations.  Consider approaching other organisations who may be willing to share; if you rent offices within a business centre then your neighbours would be a great place to start.  They may have already booked a venue so you could take advantage of their early planning and offer to split the cost to make the party extra special.
  4. Think outside the box
    Consider venues that are a little out of the ordinary!  Whilst many hotels will be booked up early, a converted barn, a cinema or even a warehouse could be the hidden treasure you’re looking for.  We can transform absolutely any venue into a Christmas Wonderland with our inventive props and decorations and the money you saved on the venue could be spent on some extra special touches.
  5. Start the New Year with a BANG
    If you’re struggling to find a venue or your budget simply won’t stretch to a prime date in the run up to Christmas, why not wait until January and start the year with an extra special celebration?  A themed evening party or team building event is a great way to wash away those January blues.

If you’ve left your Christmas Party until the last minute, the most important thing is not to panic!  Stay calm and get in touch with Demon Wheelers; we’ll help you find the perfect venue and pull everything together for a Christmas Party your team will be talking about all year!

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