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Q is for Quad Bikes and Quizzes

Kids QuadsThe seventeenth letter in our A to Z of events is Q and for us Q means Quad bikes and Quizzes. For Quad bikes it’s not just the standard adult quad bikes we also offer a range of Children’s quads and Micro Quads and we also offer a range of Quiz night styles too.

Quad Bikes

One of our most popular motorised activities is our Quads and we have a large number which we use for a wide variety of events from Corporate events to scout camps. In addition to our Full sized quads we also offer a range of children’s quads which are suitable from age 6 upwards and these are very popular for Family fun days and for scout camps which we run throughout the UK.

Another version we have are our Micro quads which are great fun. Unlike traditional quads these machines are smaller and the seating position is strange. You’ll bound to be laughing at each other and yourself throughout this fantastic fun activity.


We offer three styles of quizzes which include our paper based quizzes and our electronic buzzer quizzes where each team gets their own buzzer and has to be the fastest team to buzz in and answer correctly to win the points. We also do a variety of mixed paper and buzzer quizzes too.

The third type of quiz we offer are our range of interactive quizzes which includes our TV-Tastic quiz. TV Tastic is our TV game show inspired quiz where you will take part in some traditional buzzer quiz rounds but we also have several TV themed interactive challenge rounds where you can earn bonus points. The evening usually culminates with the top teams competing in our Million pound drop game to see who will be crowned the ultimate Champion.

We love our quizzes and we are always updating our questions and interactive rounds to make them as up to date and relevant as possible. We have put together many different rounds on a variety of subjects and rounds such as name that tune and guess the face are always popular as is our blanket blank inspired what’s that word round.

Quick response

We believe everyone deserves a reply as quickly as possible and we always endeavor to get back to you as soon as we can with our best quote. We feel we can offer unbeatable value for money which is underpinned by the fact we own 95% of everything we every use or advertise meaning we rarely have to involve third party unless it’s for a very specialist event.

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