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S is for Summer, Super Heroes & Sports days

Have fun in the sun this summerThe nineteenth letter in our journey from A to Z within the world of events covers everything that begins with S.


Summer is our favourite time of year as it offers the biggest possible variety of events on  in any given week. Because we travel throughout the UK for our events and we have such a huge range of events we can offer without needing third parties we can offer unbeatable value for money on just about any summer event anywhere in the country.

There is a huge variety of events which we run for our clients this time of year from annual Family fun days for thousands of people to It’s a knockout events for charities. There are a good amount of team building events too each with their own tweaks and changes to help meet the clients goals and there are lots of fun evening events such as theme parties and BBQs. Take a look at our Summer events page at some more fantastic ideas for your summer events.


Kids Quads at a scout campEvery year and throughout the year we attend and supply a range of activities to scout camps nationwide. We offer lots of choice when it comes to scout camp activities from motorised favourites such as mixed age quads to inflatable activities and team building events. We have a number of repeat camps every year from two week residential camps in the summer to single day camps and to winter or freezer camps in the cold early months of the year. Every camp has different requirements and we pride ourselves in having something to offer all of them.

Super heroes

Super heroes have been big business t the movies in the last few years and 2013 is no different. We offer two different events which have a super hero theme. The first is our Super hero theme nights because even super heroes need a party and to let their hair down once in a while. We can supply everything you’ll need to make your super hero theme night super.

Our other Super hero theme event is our Super hero challenge where you and your team will compete with other super hero teams to see which team will win the day through a range of challenges.

School sports day

Here’s a chance to take a trip back to your school days and compete in some school sports day favourite events. These team based events are fantastic fun and this event is your opportunity to show you’ve still got it.

School Disco

Do you look back fondly on your school disco’s or are they something you dreaded?  We’re you too cool for school or were you always in detention? School disco theme nights are great fun and bring back some great memories and listen to some old school disco favourites.


Laser ClaysWe offer a great choice of Shooting activities which will test your nerves and skill. We offer a number of different activities which are suitable for most types of event from Clay pigeon shooting to Archery and crossbows. If you are looking for something which involves strategy we can supply Laser tag which is like paintball but without the pain. This makes it incredibly good fun but without the risk of sending all your delegates home with bruises.

For indoor events we offer our Laser sniper simulator which is always one of the most popular attractions at every event we take it to.

Staff parties

Staff parties can take many forms from the traditional Christmas party to a summer event. We can help with just about any type of party event from theme nights to Pub Olympics. Staff parties are a great opportunity for you to reward your staff for all of their hard work throughout the year.

student balls

Student balls and proms have become extremely important events in the social calendar of students and many of them expect a really special evening. We have many regular school clients who hire us to make sure the evening is as special as it possibly can be for their students. Popular in 2013 is a Great Gatsby theme to tie in with the film in the cinemas.

Stop the clocks

stop the clocksStop the clocks is a fast paced team building event where the overriding goal is to complete each task as quickly as possible and stop their teams clock. The winning team will be the team with the lowest amount of time on the clock after all of the events are completed. Stop the clocks can be run as a short ice breaker event to a half day event with the activities and team building challenges tailored to suit the event and the objectives you would like to achieve from the event.


Our giant scalextric is one of our most popular activities on any event we take it to. It’s a great option for evening events and our 6 lane 16ft by 8 ft track is a challenge as well as being fun.

Shoot for Goal

Shoot for goal is one of our inflatable activities which is popular on family fun days. Each participant has to try and beat the goal keeper in our giant inflatable goal. We can also run this event with targets in the goal rather than a goal keeper.


Everyone needs some support from time to time and in the world of events this can be especially true. Planning an event for a large amount of people can be a daunting prospect if you don’t plan and run events regularly. Don’t panic however as we are here to help and offer you as much support as you need to make sure your event is a success. Call us on 0114 270 0330 if we can help you make your event be as good as it possible can be.


We have two Steve’s who work for us full time. Steve Davies is our Maintenace technician and Steve Jarvis Looks after our websites.

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