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Seven Ways you can build a team to last part 2

This is part 2 of or look at seven ways you can build a team to last and the key decisions and process you need in place. If you haven’t read part 1 i recommend reading part 1 first.

4. Be proactive with feedback and ask for feedback from your team

Feedback is the essence of your team knowing they are on the correct path to meeting their own personal goals and the wider team objectives. As a leader you need to make sure that the feedback given is on a regular basis and consistent.

You shouldn’t just wait for a monthly review when something can be said sooner. If it needs saying then say it. Why wait a few weeks to help correct an error or offer guidance when you can offer help and guidance today. If you make feedback a regular part of the work process the whole team will feel more secure and informed.

Each team member and each person is different and should be treated in their own way. You should also be careful not to single anyone out either positively or negatively as this can lead to bad feelings and divisions between your team members. Great leaders know that feedback should be a two way thing and should ask for feedback from their team on regular basis.

5. Reward when required and acknowledge good performance

Reward successEveryone like to be rewarded when they have done well and it is important that a leader acknowledges the good performance of his team both as a group and as individuals. This fits in well with point 4 regarding feedback. You have to make sure you take the time to properly recognise your teams achievements.

A leader should not take the performance of their team for granted simply because they are “Just doing their job”. If your team feel you notice their good work and offer praise when required this can go a long way to building respect and loyalty with your team. Knowing they are making a difference to the team and company as a whole helps give them added purpose and drive to achieve their goals and help their team and colleagues achieve theirs too.

6. Celebrate success

In the current climate there is a large amount of uncertainty which your employees are dealing with on every day. It is important to take time out to really celebrate success. This is beyond the acknowledgement its real recognition for success.  Celebrating success will breed more success and drive your team to achieve more.

In the current tough times with the large amount of negativity and uncertainty understanding your success and what drove it can make a huge difference between coasting along and achieving more success.  Great leaders understand that the success of their team is due to a large amount of factors and a leader who takes all the credit for their team’s success will cause resentment from their team members. Make sure you properly celebrate success, perhaps even with a theme night for your staff.

7. Help your team members to be fully prepared for any challenges to come

Every team will have some weaknesses and making sure your team is fully prepared and trained will help your team be more efficient than it would be otherwise. Many newly built teams can struggle to understand each other in the short term and how each person works. By undertaking some team building events and team building activities you can give your team a real boost at the beginning of its life or later on in the cycle.

Team building can be focused on a number of different objectives you want to improve or maybe just reinforce. By properly preparing your teams you will reap the rewards in the long run.


Leaders can only be as successful as the people they are leading and great leaders know that getting the right people in the right roles and making sure their team has the right dynamics and range of personalities make up a huge part of the battle. Once you have the right people and you have fully prepared them you will be set to succeed but you need to keep a careful watch and to make sure you work hard to keep your team running efficiently.

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