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T is for team building, Theme nights and Table football

Team guilding gameThe twentieth installment in or journey from A to Z in the world of events covers the letter T.

Team building

Team building events are our most popular events which we run and have been through most of the nearly 20 years we have been in the events industry. Team building is the process of helping improve a team to leave it better placed to meet its objectives and its goals.

Every team building day we arrange is different and we work with our clients to help them choose the right event and the best event for them. Every company has different objectives they want to work towards with their team building activities which could be increasing morale or improving the communication in their teams. We have a range of different games and activities which we can tailor to meet your requirements and make sure your event gives you real value for money.

Team building can make a big difference to your company. If it is done right it can have real positive benefits for both your morale, teams skills and general efficiency. If it’s done wrong, like the attempt on the apprentice it can have disastrous results and just be a waste of money.  Give us a call on 0114 270 0330 and let us help your company achieve it’s objectives.

Theme Nights

Circus theme nights from themed eveningsIn recent years we have expanded our theme nights offerings considerably and have now built up a great range of themed props.  We offer a range of firm favourites such as Caribbean, James bond, Hollywood and Las vegas which have been popular for a long time and we are constantly developing our range to include more recently popular themes such as the great Gatsby, Narnia and Moulin Rouge.

Theme nights make excellent options for Christmas parties and we offer things like our winter wonderland theme but other themes are also popular to do something other than the norm at Christmas time.  We also offer a range of packages which are suitable for themed weddings to couples who would like their wedding to be just a little different to others their guests may attend and to stand out in their guests’ memory.

Table football

Table football at Demon Wheelers comes in two main forms. There is the normal sized table football which is a popular part of our Pub Olympics events and we also offer Human table football as one of our inflatable activities. Human Table football is popular as both a standalone event or as part of a family fun day or our Battle of Olympus events. It’s great fun but can be quite tiring as you are attached to a bar so you can only move left or right just like the normal table version.

Treasure hunts

Treasure hunts have changed a lot over the years. Where the main premise of having to make your way between a set of points and completing questions or tasks when you get there is still the same. The way you navigate from point to point is very different. From using a map or a  GPS navigation device now these treasure hunts are conducted using the latest Tablet PC technology. This allows for much more freedom to offer different types of challenges.


TV Tastic cake decoratingTV-Tastic is our fun interactive quiz and has become really popular with some clients booking this year after year. TV-Tastic is inspired not by one TV game show but by many and includes a range of paper quiz rounds, buzzer quiz rounds and interactive rounds with a variety of challenges. At the end of the event the top 2 or 4 teams get to take on our Million dollar drop game to see who will be crowned the champions. We can tailor the rounds to any theme you wish for this event and as such this makes a great addition to any conference or company night out.


All successful business are based on Trust and a team which doesn’t trust each other won’t get very far at all. When you mention trust and corporate events many people think of Trust falls but be rest assured we never use them. There are lots of ways you can help build trust through team building events without needing to use trust falls.  Call us and see how we can help.

And Finally…..

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