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Top marks for teaching team building

The new academic year is fast approaching and head teachers will already be busy planning ahead to ensure a strong start to the year.  Most schools will be welcoming new members of staff in September and, just like any other organisation, team change can present difficult challenges for senior managers.

In the fast-paced school environment, there is no time to be spared when it comes to assembling new teams and ensuring that they work effectively.  Teachers have to be ready to hit the ground running as soon as pupils walk into their classroom, which is why schools often organise INSET training days prior to the start of term.  INSET days traditionally involve inductions for new members of staff, administration and training, with team building playing an increasingly important role.

Team building activities for teachers

How to organise a team building event for teachers

Team building is a great way to integrate new teachers into their teams, helping to break the ice and boost morale, as well as providing teachers and managers with valuable insight into each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  It is vital, however, to ensure that team building activities are carefully planned to ensure that they run smoothly and achieve the desired results.  To help you plan your teacher team building event, we’ve put together some top tips:

  • Be clear on what you’re trying to achieve: are you looking to integrate new teachers into their teams, boost morale or reinforce the school’s values.  It’s important to be specific about your objectives and use this as your focus when planning the event.
  • Choosing a team building activity: with a clear focus on your objectives, you should also consider the personality of your staff, their interests and the time you have available to help you choose the ideal activity.  With such a wide variety of team building activities available from Demon Wheelers, you may find it easier to speak to one of our Event Managers who can help you plan every aspect of your event.
  • How long should team building last?  Our team building activities can take from a couple of hours up to a full day so you should make a choice based on the time you have available, as well as your objectives and the type of activity you have in mind.
  • Deciding where to hold your team building event: the venue for your event will depend on the activity you choose but you should also consider how your employees are going to get to the venue.  If you choose to use a short team building activity as an icebreaker during your INSET day, you may prefer to hold the event in school.
  • Ask for feedback and measure success: if you’re investing in team building then you’ll want to know whether it was a success.  Some of the benefits of team building may be difficult to measure but it is possible to determine whether your event has been a success.  If your objective is to integrate new teachers into the team, for example, you could ask new recruits to complete a questionnaire before and after the event to measure how they feel about their position in their team.
  • Build upon your successes: team building shouldn’t be a one off event but rather, an ongoing effort to strengthen your teams.  Consider holding further team building events throughout the academic year to keep staff motivated and boost morale.  A family fun day at the end of the year could also be a great way to reward your staff for their efforts!

Find out more about the wide variety of team building activities available from Demon Wheelers and our comprehensive event management service by contacting us on 0114 2700330 or email

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