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Team Building in the News

team building eventsThere have been a few interesting articles this week in the news relating to Team Building and we thought it would be a good idea to post a round-up of the biggest team building stories of the last few weeks.

There were two articles in the Telegraph this week relating to team building. The first was titled, Stonehenge was the product of the first team building exercise.  The article proposed that scientists think that Stonehenge was built over a number of years around the times of the Solstice as a way of bringing the culture of the ancient Britain’s together.  Researchers from University College London have found remains from as far away as the Scottish highlands from a period in this island’s history where the whole island shared the same culture.

Whether this was the reason why the ancient Britain’s came together was to promote a closer relationship between peoples who shared a culture but lived in relative terms great distances away from each other. Well we can’t say but what we can say it does speak of the nature of team building which is bringing people together to achieve far more than they could do as an individual. This is an ideal which we believe all team building events should promote, “Achieving more through teamwork”.

The second story was about Martin O’Neill who is manager of Sunderland Football club, refusing to condemn the drinking culture in British football whilst asserting that  alcohol can be good for team building.  O’Neill insists that football players should be allowed to drink as long as it’s in moderation as it helps build a closer team bond. Every season there are several quotes from Football managers up and down the country saying they need to pull together to reach the play-offs, escape from relegation or win the competition they are in.

This follows an old saying that the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. Which means, that if everyone feels a closer bond to each other that they are more likely to work for the same goals and objectives. They are also more likely to help each other achieve those goals. Whether this requires alcohol, is not for us to say as every company is different and every team has different needs which are why our team building is tailor made to your requirements.

In the North-west Evening Mail this week there was a post about being made to feel sheepish by team building. On the whole the article starts off as a negative slant on the point of team building but ends with listing a few positives the company got out of the day which seems to be increased morale, closer working relationships between teams and also a lesson learned about crossing a barb-wire fence. This wasn’t one of our events so we can’t say what the overall focus of the day was but even an article with a semi-negative slant shows some positives.

This does highlight a few things we always check when arranging a team building event for you. We always want to ask questions and ascertain your company’s requirements and what you want to achieve from the day. We carefully choose activities and games to focus in on these objectives. No team building day should leave you feeling foolish or be arranged so that some people have to do a different activity because they cannot take part in other activities. Team building activities should be chosen with care to be inclusive of everyone.

An article on 4Hoteliers highlighted the importance of getting team building right and how it can backfire if done incorrectly. The article claimed only a low percentage saw any benefit in team building exercises. The article was in response to an unlinked article which apparently referred to what are termed as team games and not team building.  The article highlights the importance of choosing the right event for your requirements, as well as the problem of team building exercises being poorly thought-out or rushed.

We always put a great deal of thought into making sure your team building day is suited to you and you can gain out of it what you need to. You can call us on 0114 270 0330 if you would like to discuss how we can help you achieve your companies goals.

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