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What Exactly Is Team Building?

Just about every company in the UK these days relies on teams; whether it be a manufacturing team, sales team or marketing team.  How often when you see job advertisements do they start with “Join our team” or something similar?

Team building is a process of making these teams, something that is vital to most companies for them to run efficiently.

What does a team building event involve?

In recent years team building has become a bit of a buzzword and has many connotations, both good and bad.  Sometimes when someone mentions team building it conjures up visions of a drill instructor barking orders at everyone in the freezing cold.

Team building now is quite different, or at least with Demon Wheelers it is!  A typical team building event involves a series of games or activities grouped together with an overriding goal and focus.  These events may include a range of different activities which help to develop different strengths within the team.  This may include:

  • Improving the morale of the team
  • Improving leadership skills
  • Define the team’s goals
  • Improving problem-solving abilities
  • Increasing productivity
  • Help to implement and improve processes and procedures
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of both the team and its members
  • Slow staff turnover and improve staff retention

Team building also has the benefit of being able to be tailored to fix any specific work place issues rather than just put them on the back burner or in some cases exacerbate differences between team members.

Every team is made up of relationships; these will usually include relationships between team members and between team members and management or team leaders. Inevitably, like with all relationships there will be friction from time to time and it is important to deal with this before it becomes a serious problem.

Choosing the right team building activity

As we’ve seen, Team building can help to address a wide range of issues within the workplace but for it to be successful, it’s important to choose the right activity to suit your objectives.

The chances are if you tell your staff you are all going on an army training regime day, you will upset a lot of them. Army training is good for some people but for most companies it’s completely unsuitable. Likewise if you’re looking to gain a meaningful learning experience a party isn’t the way to go even if it is really popular with your employees.

Read our guide to choosing the right team building activity for more advice.

If you think your organisation could benefit from a team building event, call us now to make sure you get the right results: 0114 270 0330.

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