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What type of team building event do you need?

Crystal Maze team buildingSo you have decided your team needs a boost and you’ve decided that a team building event is the answer but you’re not sure what event you should pick.  The type of event will depend on whether you think you need a Team bonding event or a team building event. If your team is working well and you are just looking for a primarily morale boosting event then a team bonding event is more likely the event you are looking for.

If you have group of people who aren’t pulling together or have a few issues and aren’t performing you will want to pick an event which will be team building based.  If you need a team building event rather than team bonding you also need to decide which area you need to work on most of all. Team building events can focus on one area or multiple elements of a team from improving Communication to helping teach collaboration between teams.

The next thing you will need to decide is how long are you going to put aside for the event and where will the event take place? Most team building events usually last for a half a day or a full day which also raises the question if you are only holding a half day event what do you do with the other half? You could link your event with a conference or meeting which also might have the benefit of getting more value for your money if you need to hire an outside venue.  If your event is aiming to be a more morale boosting exercise and a fun event you might decide to hold an event in an evening after working hours.

You will also need to decide whether you want an indoor event or an outdoor event. This might be decided for you by the type of event you want or the time of year. For example a theme party in December is always going to be an indoor evening event, or certainly more often than not anyway. On the opposite side if you are going to hold an It’s a knockout in the summer then this will be outdoors.

Once you know whether you are looking for team bounding or Team building you can begin to choose your event. For team building events we have a large range of events which focus on different objectives. Call us on 0114 270 0330 and we can help you choose the right event for you. If you are looking for a fun team bonding event we can help you there too. We can offer a great range of Theme nights, evening activities such as fun casino nights or Pub Olympics and a whole range of fun daytime and outdoor events too.

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