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Team building come rain or shine!

The weather outside might have been atrocious of late but we certainly haven’t let it dampen our spirits!  As a team building company, subject to the unpredictable British weather, we have to be prepared whatever the weather so our customers never miss out on a fun team building experience!

Outdoor team building activities

Family fun day activities

When the sun is shining, it’s a great time to get your team in the great outdoors and with fun-packed events like It’s a Knockout or Family Fun Days, you could even get the whole family involved!  These two events can also be combined to create a fantastic full day event.

It’s an Olympic year this year and one of our most popular events recently has been our Battle of Olympus which was inspired by the ideals of the Olympic movement
and the spirit of competition through a range of games. Battle of Olympus is ideally done outside but can be run inside if you have a large sports hall.

Some of you out there may actually revel the idea of getting muddy with action-packed activities.  If that sounds like you, our range of motorised activities, including favourites such as Rage buggies and Quads, could be the perfect event to get your blood racing…no matter what the weather!

Indoor team building activities

If you’ve planned your event for a hot summer’s day but you’re caught out by the rain, or perhaps you’d just prefer the comfort of the indoors, we have a whole host of indoor team building activities.  The last thing you want is for your indoor event to end up being boring so we have developed a number of really fun options which are suitable for most group and venue sizes.

Casino evening eventThe Masterpiece Challenge is a firm favourite and offers the opportunity for your team to tap into their creative sides.  Each team will be challenged to paint one or more sections of a large painting while working with other teams to make sure they all match up.  Meanwhile, if painting isn’t your thing and you still want to do something creative a Commercial team break, Movie Madness or We’ve Got News For You event could be just the thing.

We can offer indoor versions of our very popular Crystal Collection and Krypton factor team building events!

Alternatively, you might prefer to plan an event after the sun goes down.  From suave James Bond Casino nights to singing 1920’s gangsters and molls nights and from Glitz and glamour filled Hollywood theme nights to pretending you are on a sun filled beach with our Caribbean themed evenings.  We’ve even made a dedicated site to all of our fantastic theme nights to give you a great over view of what we can offer.

Are you looking for something a little more lively or competitive in the evenings?  Have no fear we have you covered there too. Why not try a Pub Olympics where you and your teams will rotate around various pub games to see who will be declared the winner.  Perhaps you have always wanted to try out some casino games and with our fun casino nights you can experience all the fun of the casino tables without risking your own money.

So as you can see the rain doesn’t have to be a pain and the lack of sun really doesn’t mean there is no more fun. We can offer you a fantastic range of events indoors including those linked above plus much more.

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