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Corporate Events

We can help with all your conference requirementsWe have been running Corporate events through out the UK for over 15 years and we have a great deal of experience making sure your event goes off smoothly. We have run events in all corners of the UK and we are reguarly travelling to Scotland one day and Kent the next.

Corporate events and Corporate days can take many shapes and forms from team building events for your staff to refined cocktail parties, a Company fun day or even fun themed nights for your share holders. It all depends on the requirements of the event what your corporate event will include.

One of the most daunting corporate events to organise for those who are not regulars at arranging large scale events are conferences. Conferences have a staggering list of considerations and we fully understand why many companies ask for our help to make sure theirs is memorable for the right reasons.

In lots of cases a corporate event may be split in to a number of different sections either over a full day or over a few days. One large event we ran began with some ice breaker activities in the morning of day one followed by the first guest speakers in the afternoon and a themed ball in the evening. Day two consisted of some energising activities and the rest of the conference in the afternoon. The benefit of using a company like Demon Wheelers is we can supply absolutely everything. All our activities come with fully trained staff and by using one company for the whole day you gain a huge amount of consistancy which you don't get from hiring in many differnet companies either directly or through an agent.

One thing you can be very sure of is when you hire Demon Wheelers, we own 95% of everything we ever use so we can offer you a great price. When you hire us, you are hiring us. That means everything s operated tto our own very high standards and because we are using our own kit and equipment we don't then have to add a supplement onto someone elses prices so you get the best deal possible.

All of our corporate events are run by fully trained experienced staff. We always have first aiders on hand and everything is planned to make sure your event runs smoothly. We understand corporate events are often a big thing for a lot of companies and you rely on things running smoothly. Don’t worry about having to hire different things from different people. We own 95% of all the equipment we use and as a result can offer unbeatable value.

We're always looking to improve our equipment too and keep up with the best technology for the job. We can help with all facets of your next corporate event from Sound and lighting production to finding you the right venue.

We, , have nearly 20 years experience organising corporate events and corporate entertainment and we have a large database of suitable venues for just about every event type in every location. Why not let us take all the pressure of event management for you including finding a venue for your event and call us on 0114 270 0330or click the live chat link on the left side of the website.


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