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Corporate Entertainment

Champagne glasses on a corporate eventCorporate entertainment can be many things and will mean different things to different people. Primarily corporate entertainment is an event which is privately run for staff, clients, and customer base or stake holders such as shareholders.

Corporate entertainment is sometimes referred to as corporate hospitality but in reality this is only one element of corporate entertainment. Corporate hospitality is an event run to entertain clients at a corporate event and is very popular at large sporting events.

It is often popular at a conference or share holders meeting to offer an event which might add excitement or get everyone involved and also act as an ice breaker before the main conference begins or as a fun closer at the end of the event. These may include anything from gala dinners to fun themed evenings or even some friendly competition with a Pub Olympics.  This is often a great way to send off delegates at the end of a meeting or series of meetings looking forward to the next one.

Corporate entertainment for staff could include things like Team building events, family fun days or morale boosting days such as an It’s a knockout or a multi-activity day where staff have a chance to try activities they may have not done before. Our fantastic range of Motorised and shooting activities are extemely popular in these type of days.

We're always reviewing ourselves to make sure we offer you the correct equipment for the correct job. We have nearly 20 years experience organising corporate entertainment and corporate hospitality and we have a large database of suitable venues for just about every event type in every location. Why not let us take all the pressure of event management for you including finding a venue for your event and call us on 0114 270 0330or click the live chat link on the left side of the website.


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