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The Degeneration game

The Generation game was an extremely popular family favourite game show. The original game show was run by the BBC and was on air in two stints between 1971 and 2002. Our version, The Degeneration game, of this fun game can be used as either a fun evening activity or as a fun team building event.

The Degeneration game is a fun filled night with challenges to test your mental faculties, your creativity and your coordination. Wouldn’t you just love to see your colleagues and team mates attempting to re-create a balloon animal or decorate a cake.  Perhaps they would be better suited to a dance number or would they shine in the mental challenges such as name that tune or name that face.

Once your group has been split into teams they will compete through a range of challenges to see who the eventual winner is on the night. You’ll want to be prepared for anything so at the end of the night everyone is talking about your good game, good game and saying “Didn’t they do well"

There are a range of games involved in the evening. Some of these are:

Who’s that? Is an against the buzzer challenge to see who can tell us who a number of different photos are of.

Name that tune is another buzzer challenge to see who can name the songs quickest.

There are a range of different creativity challenges such as balloon modelling or cake decorating which will really get your creating juices flowing. Be careful though they aren’t as easy as they first look.

We can test your coordination and how fast you can learn things with a dance routine challenge.

At the end of the night there will be a conveyor belt of things to remember and don’t forget the Cuddly toy!

Give us a call to discuss your requirements as we can tailor the evening to suit your needs and can even include a Bruce Forsyth look alike.

If you would like to talk to us about the Degeneration game or any of our other evening entertainment or team building games please give us a call on 0114 270 0330 or click the live chat link on the left side of this page. We can also be emailed via the contact form on our contact us page.



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