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Going for Gold - Olympic themed evening team building

The group will arrive and be split into their teams for the team building event. Each team will then be named after a country and will be given their countries flag. This is how the teams will be known for the rest of the event. The aim of the game is to win the gold medals at the end of the event. Countries will go head to head against each other on their chosen games. For every win the team gets they will receive a gold token.

The teams have a set amount of time on each game to try and win their gold tokens. Each game normally lasts approximately 20 – 25 minutes. Once that time is up then they move on to the next game and keep rotating round until they have competed on each game. After all the teams have competed on the various games each team’s gold tokens will be totalled up to see who has won the most, with the winners being crowned Champions and receiving gold medals.

You can choose any games from the following:-


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