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Quiz Nights

quiz nightThis event is ideal to finish off a conference or as something different to do as evening entertainment. Demon Wheelers have a range of different quizzes that are bound to get your brains working overtime. The whole event is hosted by our quizmaster compeer who will grill the participants on the different categories. We can either run our quizzes and quiz nights on a high tech buzzer quiz system or as a paper based quiz dependant upon the number of participants and the requirements of the group and venue.

Quizzes from are always very popular and some of our clients come back to year after year and event after event for us to run and organise their quiz. Quite often we are asked to tailor questions to a specific audience and we can do that too whether it be questions on a specific theme or aimed at a European audience rather than moslty UK participants. We can make the quiz relatively easy with a few tricky questions or make the questions so hard that even quiz night regulars will be scratching their heads. Why not try our extremely fun and interactiveTV-Tastic quiz.

Scores can be given round to round or kept quiet till the end to create some tension and make the winners a surprise. Rounds can be different categories each time or we can even incorporate specific categories just for your quiz.

What themed Quiz rounds do we offer?

We also have a number of TV based quizzes that we can provide that include:-

  • Who Wants to be a Billionaire
  • Buzzin' for Gold
  • Name That Face
  • Call My Sham
  • Mad About Movies
  • A Question on Sport
  • James Bond
  • Masterful Mind
  • Telly Fanatics
  • Name That Film
  • Wild Western
  • Never Mind The Busstops
  • The Weakest Connection
  • Football Mania

All our quizzes come with a compeer, projection screen (if required and space allows), quizmaster podium, champagne for the wining team.

For more information on the various quizzes that we can provide give our events team a call on 0114 270 0330 or click the live chat link on the left of the screen.


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