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Race to Riches

Race to richesThe Races to Riches is the ultimate live fast and gamble your way to winning big. Don’t worry though you won’t be playing with your own money. When your team arrives they will be given a whopping $10,000 of fun money and the winner at the end of the night is the team with the most money.

There are a range of games and activities for your team to take part in. Some are more risky than others and of course with the risk comes the potential reward. Will you play it safe or gamble big and try to break the bank.

Every race to riches can be tailored to include a range of different elements to make sure the event meets your needs.

Your Race to Riches event can include any or all of the following:

At the beginning of the evening the Demon Wheelers stock market will open for trading and a range of fictitious companies will begin trading their shares. At regular intervals there will be a news flash which will give clues to how the shares will perform in the next news flash.  Teams will have to decipher how much they want to gamble on the stock market and correctly guess how the shares will end up. Guess right and you can earn big money but get it wrong and you could lose everything.

At regular intervals there would be a chance for teams to try and win some money by gambling on the Horse Racing with our race night. Teams will be given form on the horses running and will have to decide whether they see any that are a sure thing. Teams will get paid if their horse comes in 1st 2nd or 3rd with the better odds paid the higher placed finish for the horse.

Running throughout the evening would be Box to Box, Race for Cash, Black in the Hole

These games would be set for people to come and play on whenever they liked with a maximum amount allowed per team. For Box to Box this would be similar to Deal or No Deal with teams paying $500 to choose a box and see if it contains more money, it’s risky but could be worth the gamble. For the Race for Cash teams will have to nominate drivers and pay $200 to enter each race, the cash up for grabs depends upon where your driver finishes.

Black in the Hole is a game where teams have to nominate their best pool or snooker player and then they have to try and pot the black ensuring the ball hits a cushion before it is potted, the only problem is that teams have to pay $1000 to enter but the odds are 10 – 1 which is well worth a punt! We can include Casino tables for the night’s guests to chance their luck on. We have high quality casino tables and croupiers and can offer Black jack, Roulette, Craps, Stud poker and Texas hold’em Poker.

Top Quality Casino TablesIf you would like your event to include more mental challenges we can include most of our team building games as challenges, gamble your money on being able to complete a team challenge or answer a riddle. Gamble against your general knowledge with our quizzes. Pay a fee for the question sheet and win cash for every correct answer.

For the grand finale all the teams come together for a Quiz finale where teams get the chance to win the Million Dollars and be crowned the winners.

How can you book a Race to Riches event?

If you are interested in this or any of our Evening entertainment or team building events please give us a call on 0114 270 0330 or click the live chat link on the left side of the page. We can also be contacted on



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