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It's a Knockout

It's a knockout Mangle from Demon WheelersEverybody remembers the fun they had sat in the armchair watching It’s A Knockout on TV well here is your chance to take part yourself. This event is non stop hilarity and fun.

Ideal for motivating staff or giving your clients a fun day out and a great team building event. Your group would be split into teams who would compete against each other on the different games. We have a vast array of games ranging from Giant Costumes to Slippery inflatable slopes. To discuss It's a knockout or any of our event splease call us on 0114 270 0330 and talk to one of our events team. Alternatively you can sill in the contact form at the bottom of this page or click our Live chat tab on the left side of this page.

It's a knockout events

Your event starts with a briefing and then all teams taking part in a comical warm up before the real games begin. Then teams will rotate round the different games which would be a mix of inflatable and costume games. The whole event would be run to a lively soundtrack complete with a compeer and full safety team who would also act as scoring judges throughout the event.

At the end of the competition there would be a presentation of trophy and medals to the 1st and 2nd placed teams.

We're always adding to and improving out It's a knockout events and it's just impossible to list everything bit of equipment and all our games we have on this website. So give us a call and let us show you everything we can offer you.

Just beware you will get wet!

It's a knockout slippery slope


Call us now on 0114 270 0330

More information about It's a knockout

It's a knockout Giants from Demon WheelersIt's A Knockout is the perfect event for motivating staff through pleasure and fun. Participants will be guaranteed to laugh and inspired to push themselves to achieve their personal best. This is a thoroughly enjoyable event where all you need to supply are the participants!

We can cater for parties of all sizes and we can tailor the event to fit your needs and the number of participants.  We want to make the day fun for you and stress free so why not let us take all the hassle out of organising an It’s a knockout and do all the hard work for you.
If you need a venue sourcing we offer a free venue finding service. We have been running events including these events throughout the UK for nearly twenty years and we have built up and extensive database of venues suitable for most group sizes and event types.

Where can we host an It's a knockout

it's a knockout leedsThey can be run anywhere in the UK providing there is a suitable open space for the activities. We have ran these events throughout the UK from the North of Scotland to London and the south east. We have travelled extensively throughout the North west to places like Manchester and Liverpool and through Wales and to the South West of England. Our Base in Sheffield allows us to travel anywhere in the country easily to nearer locations such as Leeds, Hull and Nottingham and further afield to London, Aberdeen and Bristol as well as everywhere in between. Take a look at the locations we can run events.

It's a knockout as part of a Family fun day

Why not make your It's a knockout part of a special Family fun day and offer activities that all the family young or old will enjoy. Family fun days are a fantastic way of rewarding your staff who work hard all year round. Adding an a "knockout" to a family fun day adds a central spectacle which will have those involved having loads of fun taking part and those watching in fits of laughter.

It's a knockout as a Charity event

These events are also extremely popular as a charity event as it allows charities to advertise the events and ask a lot of companies to enter a team who will also raise money for taking part. A huge benefit of this is companies can do their bit for charity without having a huge outlay of company funds. Charities gain because they are advertising a fun event that a lot of people will want to take part in. If you combine the It's a knockout with a Family fun day you can offer a number of side activities which can also generate revenue for the chairty from both those taking part and those spectating.

Indoor It's a knockout

When the temperature starts to drop and it's constant drizzle the last thing you want to do is go outside and get wet. So we’ve devised our own Indoor It’s A Knockout. With an array of different challenges teams will compete against each other to see who accumulates the most points throughout the event. Similar to an outdoor It’s A Knockout the event would be run to a lively soundtrack with a compeer and safety crew who would also act as scoring judges through the event.
Games could include:-

So forget about the winter chills and give our events team a call for more information.


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