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It's a Knockout Charity Events

It’s A Knockout has become quite popular in recent times for charities to use as a way of fundraising. Demon Wheelers are proud to be able to offer discounted rates for It's a knockout charity events to try and make the event as worthwhile as possible for the charity organisation. In recent years we have provided Charity Knockouts for a number of local and national charities.

it's a knockout charity events

The best way to turn an It’s A Knockout into a fundraising event is to charge per team and try and get teams to receive sponsorship to take part. This way from the first few teams who enter you will cover costs and then all the other teams that enter their sponsorship will go straight to the Charity.

With the fun and laughter It’s A Knockout will create an enjoyable event that people won’t mind paying for the chance to participate in.

So why delay give our events team a call now to discuss your requirements. and tell us which It's a knockout games you would like included.

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