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What is Laser Tag

Laser tagLaser Tag, Sometimes known as laser combat, laser games or even laser quest, is a primarily team based activity which can also be played as individuals in an, everyone for themselves game. laser tag is an action packed and adrenalin filled activity. Laser tag is suitable for most ages however we tend to recommend ages 8+ as the guns can be heavy for younger children. Laser tag is great fun to play and unlike Paintball there is:

Laser tag players attempt to score points by aiming and shooting at sensors worn by players on the opposing team in team based play and on any player in every player for themselves laser tag games. Laser tag was originally developed as a training exercise for the United States army in the 1970′s and 1980′s and has been a popular activity in the UK for many years.

What types of Laser tag games can we play?

We have specially created a number of laser combat mission types ranging from everyone for themselves to old favourites like capture the flag. Read more about Laser tag games and missions.

Laser tag weapons

Laser tag participants are armed with a laser version of an MP5 sub machine gun with a top range of up to 300 metres. One person on each team will be armed with a Laser combat version of an M4 machine gun which has a higher range of fire and longer range. Read more about laser tag weapons.

Laser Tag prices

Laser Combat is an activity that is very flexible. It can either be booked as a standalone activity which will last a half day (approximately 2.5 hours) or as part of a Multi activity package

How can you Book a Laser tag event?

If you would like to know more about Laser tag from Demon Wheelers please call us today on 0114 270 0330 or fill in our contact us form at the bottom of this website. You can also click the live chat link on the left side of this page.



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