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Motorised Activities, Driving experiences & activities

We  made our name as providers of fantastic motorised activities and events. We have diversified a lot since those early days but Driving activities still form an important part of the events we offer. We have one of the largest collections of motorised kit in the UK and provide Motorised events and activities the length and breadth of the UK. We can provide a wide range of activities to suit your party's needs and if you don't have a venue then let us organise one for you with our Venue finding serviceas we do not have a site you can come to but we work with venues throughout the UK to be able to offer fantastic driving experiences and activities.

Motorised activity options

Hovercrafts from Demon WheelersPowerturns from Demon WheelersQuads and Quad bikes from Demon WheelersRage Buggies from Demon Wheelers4x4 Driving from Demon WheelersArgocats from Demon WheelersBlindfold Driving from Demon WheelersKids Quads from Demon WheelersMini JCB Driving from Demon WheelersMicro Quads from Demon WheelersPacer karts from Demon Wheelers

How can you book our Driving activities

Of course if you can't see anything here in our Driving activities section to tempt you why not give us a call and see what else from our extensive range of activities we can offer you. Motorised activities are fantastic as part of a multi activity day, perhaps coupled with some fun shooting activities. To book any of these activities please call us on 0114 270 0330 or fill in the form on our Contact us page.


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