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Blindfold Driving

blindfold driving activityBlindfold Driving is a hilarious activity that is bound to make people work together whether it is just for fun or as part of a team building event.

Each participant will take it in turns to try and drive the vehicle round the flat course that has been set out with white markers. All you have to do is drive the car round the course without touching the markers, the only problem is that you are blindfolded. While you are driving and have to rely on your team members to navigate you round the course without any mishaps.

The vehicle will be travelling at a slow pace with no need to use the accelerator, which is probably for the best considering you can’t see where you are going. Just to make it a bit more interesting your navigator cannot use the words LEFT or RIGHT and so other words have to be thought up to use to guide your team to success.

Blindfold driving can be a great addition to a multi-activity day or team building dayand is popular as a Driving activity.

How can you book a Blindfold driving activity as part of your next event?

If you would like to book blindfold driving for your event please give us a call on 0114 270 0330 to discuss your requirements or click the live chat link on the left of the page.


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