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Powerturns are two seated buggies that are controlled by two levers which you push forwards to accelerate and pull back to brake. They're great fun and something a little bit different.

A Power turn from Demon Wheelers doing a wheelie.There will be two people in the powerturn buggy and one person controlling each lever. Each lever controls one side of the buggy and so team mates have to work together to steer round the course. If you accelerate too much the buggy will go into a wheelie and can easily spin on the spot with the front wheels in the air. All this adds to the fun and will definitely leave you wanting more!

Team building is definitely in use here with communication a must to get the buggies to actually move let alone manoeuvre round the track. Participants have to make their way round the tight course as fast as they can without hitting any of the markers otherwise time penalties will be in store!

We can arrange a Power Turn experience or Motorised event at a venue of your choosing. we can also help source a suitable venue for your event as we have a database of venues suitable for Rage buggies and motorised activities.

Demon Wheelers Powerturns waiting for some delegates on a corporate day

How can you book Powerturns for your next event?

We travel all over the country for corporate motorised activities including power turns. If you are interested in this and would like to book or if you have any questions  please call us on 0114 270 0330 or fill in our Contact Us form.


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