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Animation team buildingAnimation team building workshops are a great chance for your company to re-discover the joy of playing with plasticine from their youth and benefit your company in the process. Our professional event staff will take you through the process using professional tools and expertise.

While creating your animation your team will become a film crew for the day. Animation team building helps to build communication and cooperation.  The animation you make can be made a fun exercise or perhaps as part of information for your company website and works great as a team building event. Animation can be really flexible and be changed and moulded, just like the models we use, to suit your needs.

Why Animation?

An animation workshop or team building event helps your team learn to think creatively and makes sure they plan ahead. Teams have to delegate all of the major roles which are required for film production. By encouraging creative thinking this will help your teams solve problems and find new annd better ways of working once they return to their normal roles in the office or shop floor.  

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Who can take part?

The short answer is everyone. Animation is suitable for all ages and can be run at almost any venue. Because sessions are indoors weather isn’t an issue and neither is the fitness of those taking part.  There isn’t any sitting around bored watching any long presentations.

What will you get out of it?

Because you will be working as a film crew for the day you will have to work together which requires all of your team to work as one. It required co-ordination, communication and a clear link of skills and tasks from one person to the next. Animation is a hand on process and is a fun relaxed event which will really get your creative juices flowing. Of course at the end of the event you will have something to take away too. You not only get to keep your finished animated film but you get to keep all of the props you have made too. You can also add a a making off video at an extra cost to document the process.

How can you book an Animation team building event?

If you would like tot alk to us about this or any of our team building activities please give us a call on 0114 270 0330 and let us show you how we can help your company today. Alternatively you can fill in our simple contact form or click our live chat link on the left side of this page.


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