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Battle of Olympus

Olympic Themed Team building event

Battle of Olympus is a team building challenge sent from the Olympian Gods testing, strength, speed and team work and Inspired by the spirit of competition which embodies the Olympic games.

Shooting events on a Battle of Olympus from Demon WheelersEach team will be representing a country that takes part in the famous Olympic games.  Upon arrival the group will be split into teams who will each be allocated a country and will be given arts & crafts from here they have 15 minutes to design their banner/ flag for their team & designated Country once the flags are designed the teams will walk around the arena showcasing there flags, also there will be a life size handmade Olympic torch which each team will walk around when showcasing there flags (this will be great opportunity for a photo) this will be the opening ceremony from here let the games begin. The teams will then rotate round the different games playing against each other.

Not all the games will be running at once and some of the teams will have chance for a short rest when they aren’t participating on different games.  The event is run to a lively soundtrack with music old and new to add to the fun of the different games. They will also be given a special card featuring a famous athlete from their country. This joker card can only be used once but when it is it will double that team’s points on game played. Teams will alternate who they are playing against so they have a chance to test their skills against different teams. So whether it's an Olympic year or not this team building event is a great choice. We usually run this event as a Half day team building event rather than a full day activity so it works well along side a meeting or half day conference.

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Where can we run a Battle of Olympus?

We travel throughout the UK running and hosting Battle of Olympus team building activities. From our base in Sheffield we travel, not only to quite local cities such as Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham but to all corners of the UK. We have run Battle of Olympus events on the south coast of England, in London, throughout the south west and Bristol. We have also travelled throughout Wales for events and to the north of Scotland and Aberdeen, as well as everywhere in between. Find out more about the locations we run events.

How do you know who wins the Battle of Olympus?

Points will be awarded on the games throughout the event, with all the teams coming together for either an Assault Course, Human Table Football or Hurdles Finale.  The team that collects the most points will be crowned the winners and will win the Gold Medals at the awards ceremony  where there whole team will stand tall on the podium after having their medals & winning Olympic trophy being presented to them from the event manager  on the day or a person of your choice. 2nd place & 3rd place will also be awarded silver & bronze medals and all three teams will get to stand on the podium to finish the event off with a great photo.

All the games will be run in a head to head format. This event is based on a half day so the duration will be between 2 to 3 ½ hours. Well planned team building games can make a huge differnce to how your teams perform and they can have some real benefit. Different games and events can focus on differnet elements such as collaboration or communication and all of our events are designed to be fun so you gain a good morale boost too. As with the Olympics we have a number of different games for you to choose from that each require a different skill.  

If you want to talk to about how Battle of Olympus team building events can help your business reach it's potential give us a clal today on 0114 270 0330. Alternatively you can fill in the contact form on this page or click the live chat link on the left side of the page.


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Archery on a Battle of Olympus from Demon Wheelers

Giant Sumos on a Demon Wheelers battle of olympus

Gladiator joust on a Battle of Olympus

Human Table football on a Demon wheelers Battle of Olympus team building event

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