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Chain Reaction

Chain reaction team building events from demon wheelersHow Does Chain reaction work as a team building event?

Chain reaction is a fun collaborative team building event where teams will work together to create apart of a mechanical story which must work with other teams in the chain.

Guests for the Chain Reaction Team Building event will arrive at the venue to be met by their host, split into teams and given a briefing as to how the day will run. Chain reaction is popular as both an outdoor activity as well as an Indoor team building activity.

Each team will then be given different sections of a story and access to a mass of equipment to build apparatus which not only connects to their story, but also interlinks with the other teams story and apparatus in a chain reaction resulting in a complete story and continuous working device. This means all the teams are in a partnership with those next to them in the story and must cooperate to achieve their team's objectives.

In order to successfully complete their task, each team must complete cryptic clues and communicate efficiently and collaborate with their surrounding teams to see the complete picture rather than just focussing their attention on their individual component.

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Chain reaction typically works best as a half day activity rather than a full team building day. This means it works really well along side another event or a half day meeting or conference.

What Happens Next?

Teams will have an allocated amount of time to build a contraption which links to their part of the story.

However, they will soon realise that it is not only their component they need to be thinking about and that all the teams’ apparatus’ need to interlink to create a complete device. The group must work as separate teams but all teams must communicate with each other to make sure that the whole story interlinks.

There will only be a certain amount of equipment and costumes for the whole group to use so the teams must decipher which teams need which pieces of equipment and the relevant costumes. At certain points in the event, all teams must participate on a completely separate challenge which they must pass in order to progress in their mission to complete the Chain Reaction. This event encourages team members to use their individual skills for the overall success of the whole project. 

Chain reaction is a great for event to help improve your teams collaboration and understand the bigger picture. The fun story helps build morale and the chain reaction can really help your teams rach their potential. The Chain reaction is our original activity and nowhere else offers this as an event. We own and make 95% of everything we use and because of this we can offer you the chain reaction at the best possible price without any middle men being involved.

Once each team has devised their apparatus the story will begin.  The first team will read their story and set off their apparatus. The end of their story and apparatus will then need to link into the next teams in a continuous chain reaction. If successful, the end result will be the dramatic finale everyone has been working towards.

Where do we run Chain reaction team building events?

Well the answer is simple really. We travel throughout the UK, Ireland and most of Europe to run all kinds of Team building activities including Chain reaction. From our base here in Sheffield we are well placed to travel to the North of Scotland and Aberdeen, London, the South east and south coast destinations such as Brighton and Southampton and to the Bristol and the south west. We also travel everywhere in between such as Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham and Birmingham. Find out more on ourevents locations page.

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