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Commercial Teambreak

Commercial teambreak team building eventHere is your chance to get behind and/or in front of the camera. Guests for this creative team building event will arrive at the movie making venue to be met by their host and split into teams then given a briefing as to how the day will run. Each team will receive a digital video camera, tripod, tape, props, make up, directors notes, camera notes, prop and make up notes. The teams will then be shown an array of items and each team has to choose one item and then film an advert for this item. If your company has something specific you would like the delegate to create a commercial for that can easily be arranged too. 

Teams will have a set amount of time to organise each other into their roles to try and make the most entertaining TV commercial.

Halfway through the making of the commercial each team will be called to the host where they will receive a list of words which they must use in the filming of the advert.

All scenes must be filmed in one take. Rewinding the camera is forbidden and will result in negative scoring. Throughout the event the host and their crew will be observing each team which could result in a change to each team’s final score.

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Each advert will be on a different product and can be filmed in whatever style the team decides. Each team member must have a role to play whether it is in front of or behind the camera. Each team must make an advert that lasts at least 5 minutes.

Once each team has completed the filming then all the teams will move to the same room so that they can watch all the adverts. The judging panel with give out scores with their also being a competition to see which team receives the loudest cheer for their advert.

The wining team will receive a bottle of champagne, trophy and medals.

This event is fantastic for building team morale and creating a fun atmosphere. Commercial Teambreak gives teams the freedom to use their imagination and try and entertain their colleagues and team mates through the medium of laughter and confidence building. As well as building confidence and morale, a commercial teambreak event helps teach clear collunication and flexible thinking. It also helps promote lean thinking as each team will have a limited budget and having the vision to see how the finished commercial will turn out.

Why not tie your commercial team break in with another event.

Commercial teambreak dovetails nicely with other events and two of the most popular are  Den of Dragons and a Hollywood Themed party. If you combine a Commercial teambreak with a Den of Dragons event you can have teams create an idea and pitch to our very own dragons for funding. Teams would then use that funding to pay for equipment and props to film their TV advert.

This event also combines well with a Hollywood themed party too as this gives a fantastic platform for presenting your adverts and is an opportunity for your staff to have fun and bond together through an evening event.

Where can we take part in Commercial teambreak events

Commercial teambreak is a really popular event and we travel all over the UK to run this team building activity. We have regularly done Commercial teambreak events here in Sheffield and locations which are quite close such as Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham. We also travel to the South west of England, throughout Wales, London and the south east of England and as far as the north of Scotland for events. You can see more of our location which we can offer commercial teambreak events on our event locations page.

How can we find out more about Commercial Teambreak events

If you would like to talk to us about how a fun commercial teambreak team building activity can help your company achieve its objectives and how we can help your teams reach their potential. Please give us a call on 0114 270 0330 to discuss your requirements. You can also fill in our contact us form or click the live chat link during office hours to speak to us directly from this page.



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